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Contributing to the Zine

Want to see your name in print?

Well, we can't help with that. But if the writing bug's bitten you, or if you just have something you'd like to share with the IMC community, send it in!

All pieces should fit into one of the existing categories, and focus on a subject relating to RPGs and online. Mail them to the Editor, Radar (jenniferwylie@yahoo.com), for consideration for the 'Zine!

The 'Zine is currently published every three to four months and the deadline for each issue is posted in the 'Zine forum.

The sections include:

Ask Gentleman Gamer: For your gaming etiquette questions.

Reviews: Movies, games, and more.

Other Corners of the Nonexistent Universe: Creativity, including poetry, art, campaign summaries, and fanfiction.

Conventions: Reviews of past events and a calendar of upcoming events. Are you an IMC'er planning on attending a convention and want to plan a meetup? Let us know where you'll be! This can encompass all conventions (anime, sci-fi, comic book, costuming, etc)- not just gaming conventions.

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