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Issue #32, March 19, 2006

A Word or Two from Your Editor:

In which Radar voluntarily blows her own about IMC and related matters.

Dear Gentleman Gamer... (by Pieter Van Hiel):

In which our resident sage touches on the touchy issue of gaming across the generation gap.

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and RPGs: A Comparison (by Bara):

In which the resident Old Bat does a braindive into the future and comes up with some

The Friendly (and Simulated) Skies (by Vince):

In which Vince gets into the Big Up There without ever leaving his bedroom.

The New And Improved World of Darkness (by Nuitloupe):

In which Tassy peels the shrinkwrap off the "new" WoD and gives it a look-see.

Jordan Carries On:

In which Mike Morgan brings us a character history that asks if we apes want to live forever or what.

All Right, Who Kicked Out the Plug This Time? or, Why There Are No Five Nines in IMC (by Gline):

In which Gline takes us through the intricacies of switching in a new server for IMC.

Issue #31, November 13, 2005

A Word From Your Editor [By Radar]:

Holiday wishes, changes afoot, and looking forward.

Unofficial Notes on Masquerade Presentation [By Dany and Radar]:

Don't get caught with your skirt (or your scabbard) down.

Image Edits [By Suzy]:

So how hard is it to turn Carrie-Anne Moss into an alien?

IMC As A Work In Progress:

All about the ch-ch-ch-changes in store at IMC.

Game Review: Dragonraid [By Piet]:

Those darn Lightraiders, always making trouble.

Rooms With a View [by Bara]:


Issue #30, July 5, 2005

A Word From Your Editor:

Combat! (By Reed):

Reed shares his ideas about what makes a great fight scene.

The Middle of Nowhere? (By Piet):

Pyat talks about three extraordinary places that make for great real-life settings in your game.

The Challenge of Credibility in Internet Role Playing (by Bara-mun):

What is it that makes "real" real?

What's In A System? (by Gline and EvilSqueegee):

Wherein two creators of their own custom game systems talk about what goes into a system and why.

The Bard's Challenge (by EtB):

Wherein Eric the Bard challenges another to provide him with on-the-spot inspiration.

Issue #29, April 10, 2005

Taint (by Mike Morgan):

Mike Morgan brings us a tale of broken love in three parts.

Tobias and Jacob (by Damon and Nicole):

Damon and Nicole show the softer side of Legacy.

I'm Not in Love (by Gline):

Gline talks about when your characters fall in love despite each other -- and their players.

Issue #28, November 22, 2004

A Word From Your Editor (By Radar):

In which Radar describes the mission for this post-Halloween issue.

Rocket Ranger Indigo, or How not to Create a Distraction (by Mike Morgan):

How Mike Morgan's love of things TORG embodies his love of things Pulp.

A Favorite of Mine (by Radar):

Wherein Radar toots her own favorite character horn.

The Grave (By Eric the Bard):

Damon and Bolverk (by Damon):

A peek at what makes a certain mutant tick.

Doing the Right Thing (by Gline):

When a character speaks to you about right and wrong, listen up.

Issue #27, August 31, 2004

A Word from Your Editor:

Radar reflects on five years of IMC.

Five Years in 30 Seconds:

What IMC means to Gline on its fifth anniversary.

Chad's Rant:

Wherein we learn of some of the nasty habits of a higher-ranking Tremere. [By Raina]

An Old Bat's Initial Journey into a Final Fantasy, Part 1:

Final Fantasy VII, that is! [By Hai Bara]

Mirk's Last Stand / A Poem:

Meet someone who never, ever stays down. [By Eric the Bard]

Issue #26, October 15, 2003

Help! It's My First Con!:

So! You're going to be attending the Shiny Thing knows as a Convention. Whether it be for gaming, sci-fi/fantasy, anime, or comic books, there's some useful hints to keep in mind to help you make the most out of your time and let you enjoy every moment.

Freak Show:

Not everyone at the site of a covention revels in the fun and interest in the activities...

Girl In A Towel:

Sometimes, there just aren't words.

Quiet Spunk:

Regretfully, BattleDome has closed its doors. Hopefully, this is a temporary thing; for as you can see [to paraphrase the old television show Naked City], "There are still stories left behind those closed doors. This is but one of them."

Issue #25: July 7, 2003

My First Letter From the Editor:

It's not as cool as you think, but it says what it needs to and from here on out, I promise to be a lot more interesting.

Rollin' the Bones:

Our very own Sleepless in Noo Yawk IMC debugger The Gline talks about squish...I mean rolling the dice.

Waiting For the Big Blue Book:

Your editor (that's me!) fondly recalls hours spent in wait for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix- and ensuing fun.


User Kemo explains the reasons for loving just four things.

The End of an Era:

Reflections upon the ending of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by our own pocket-lady, Laurie.

I Have This:

The world of Harry Potter has a huge fandom and this is one of the shining examples.

Issue #24: 03/12/03

03/12/03: Memo from Firetop Mountain - The Emancipated Mole, by Pieter van Hiel:

In which Pieter hangs up his editin' hat.

03/12/03: My Two Cents - Report from UshiCon, by Sass:

'Zine columnist Sass files a report from fandom's front line!

03/12/03: My Problems Have Become Social Rather Than Musical, by The Gline:

The Gline shares a few thoughts on hosting and The Rules.

03/12/03: The Nine, by Sass:

Sass gives us a sneak peek into an exciting indie film project.

Issue #23: 01/04/03

02/04/03: Memo from Firetop Mountain - Still Living in the Land of Spare Oom, by Pieter van Hiel:

A reflection on 23 years spent ignoring reality.

01/04/03: The People of the Fishes, by Pieter van Hiel:

An short story from the depths of my hard drive, composed around 1994.

01/04/03: Out of Place (Chapter 11), by The Gline:

A Breathing Space...

01/04/03: Running with Reapers, by Toy:

HOO-HA! I love the Corps! Nothin' beats Space Marines for crunchy SF action.

01/03/04: The Circle, by GladeChylde:

GladeChylde shares some meditative RP from Bushido.

01/04/03: A Selection of Poems, by Kaitlin:

In my book, you can't beat a poetic reflection on turkey digestion.

Issue #22: 11/03/02

Out of Place, chapter ten, by The Gline:

Chapter ten of Gline's ongoing novel - Meet Kang! No, not THAT Kang.

The Final Truth, Part Three - by Radar:

Treachery and Telepathy go hand in hand...

Memo From Firetop Mountain: Conthulhu 2002, by Pieter van Hiel:

Yours truly and The Gline get up to all sorts of laddish pranks in Toronto.

Arashi-No Kenji, by Eric the Bard:

Finally, the conclusion of EtB's epic of vengeance!

Issue #21 : 08/29/02

08/29/02: The Final Truth (Part Two) - by Radar:

Radar's tale of secret armies and hidden adgendas continues!

08/29/02: Out of Place (chapter nine) - by Gline:

Gline continues to hatch up gooey OOPART goodness!

08/29/02: IMCer's Delight - by Malfis:

Don't push Malfis, cause he's Close... To... Tha' Edge.

08/29/02: The Journey's End - by Hai Bara:

And old warhorse goes home.

08/29/02: The Night Shift - by Rose Marie Ash and Mike Morgan:

Er... I suspect makes more sense to Bushido regulars. A selection of after-hours wackiness from our favorite Japanese RP room!

08/29/02: War Tribute, or War Profiteering? - by Rhiya:

Rhiya wonders where comics should end and reality start.

Supersize Megatastic Issue #20: 07/06/02

07/06/02: "I am not Elminster" - a conversation with Ed Greenwood, by Pieter van Hiel:

The 'zine editor tracks down the most influential Canadian RPG writer of all!

07/06/02: The Final Truth by Jen Wylie:

Radar shares the first taste of a novel she's been working on for a long time!

07/06/02: Out of Place (chapter 8) by Gline:

Ooparts, Guns, and Money!

07/06/02: Ready to Go Home, by Rose Ash:

Rose Ash shares a scene from her online role-play.

07/06/02: Who are you trying to Impress? - by Lady Celeste:

Lady Celeste sees a growing problem among online role-players.

07/06/02: Romance and Roleplay (Part Two), by Sass:

Sass opines on life and love in the long awaited second part of her romance column.

07/06/02: The Urge, by Hez:

No, not THAT kind of urge, you dirty McGurty. The writin' urge.

07/06/02: A Reflection on Freedom, by Dale:

What it means to Dale, and to many others.

07/06/02: Glossary of IMC, by Gline:

A sober, scholarly piece on the parlance of online play!

07/06/02: Happily Ever After? - by Pokemaniac:

A traditional fairy tale... or is it?

Issue #19: 05/19/2002

05/19/2002: Furry Thinking by Pieter van Hiel:

The editor tugs a few tails to see what this furry thing is all about.

05/19/2002: A Blasphemy Observed - by Jennifer Wylie and Pieter van Hiel:

After a long delay, part three of Plith/Katherine roleplay!

05/19/2002: Who is Mary Sue, And why she HAS to DIE - by Radar:

Didn't Buddy Holly write a song about this girl?

05/05/2002: Why Benjamin can't come out to Play - by Kit:

The real world, and what it means for role-play.

05/19/02: An IMC Love Story - by Kes:

The Amazing True Story of the First IMC romance!

19/05/2002: Out of Place (chapter seven) - by Gline:

People lights. You wanna know more, you read. (Mature content)

05/19/2002: Hosting Rooms - by Fenrir:

Fenrir shows us how to be a host with the most!

05/19/2002: Role-playing through the Eyes of a Poet - by Kelly Min:

Kelly, William Blake called. He wants his eyes back! *rimshot!*

05/19/2002: Poetry, by Amy Rokos:

Some excellent poems from Amy!

Issue #18: 04/02/2002

04/02/2002: The WTC, The Brave New World, and the Veterans of the Psychic Wars - by Katherine Keirns:

Did September 11th happen in the Non-Existent Universe? A guest editorial from sysop Kit.

04/02/2002: How did I end up back in Middle School? - By Katherine Keirns:

Sysop Kit has been writing hard this month! Another opinion piece, this time on e-cliques!

04/02/2002: A Selection of Poems - by Missa May:

Some poems from our newest contributor, Missa May

04/02/2002: Duty, 1st Phase - by Jeremy Snipes:

Hold on to your Soylent Greenburgers, and slap on your Mirrorshades, Deckers!

04/02/2002: Shall we edit? - by Kes Yocum:

You there! The chap who can't find his CAPSLOCK key! Read this!

04/02/2002: Roland's Cavern Room Spotlight - by Ben:

A new regular feature, highlighting IMC's own communities.

04/02/2002: One Fine Day at the Comic Shop - by Jason Holmgren and Pieter van Hiel:

I'm sure you've all wondered what it would be like if comic shops were incorporated into a vaudeville act. Wonder no more!

Issue #17: 2/21/2002

02/21/2002: Why approve Original Characters? by Illusionary:

A guest editorial, in which user Illusionary wonders why we can't all just get in there and PLAY!

02/21/2002: OOC/IC Byplay : A Discussion by Malfis:

Malfis summons up Gline, and binds him to his wicked will!

02/21/2002: "A Selection of Poems" by Jen and Rose Marie Ashe:

I say! The zine is becoming quite the literary salon, non?

02/21/02: Out of Place (Chapters 4, 5, and 6) by Gline:

Beer, cute moppets, and bloody blue murder!

02/21/2002: "Alone" by Amichi V, Felix, and the Goddess of Mediocrity:

A special ANIMATED submission for the 'zine, depicting some of the action in Roland's Cavern!

Issue #16: 12/17/2001

12/9/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: Night of the Living Ed, By Pieter Van Hiel:

A chilling, cautionary tale of ghosts, goblins, and too much candy.

12/9/01: Out of Place (Chapter 1, 2, 3):

Gline channels the spirit of John Brunner in his new boffo novel serial!

12/9/01: Live until Friday (Preview) by Dany Slone and Ben Teague:

If only eggs came this hard-boiled! Part one of a gritty novel. (Mature content)

12/9/01: Four Poems by Angie Kennedy:

Angie shares a quarter of personal poems.

12/9/01: Gamer's Night before Christmas by Sass Mun:

My old DM used to read us this one before those long winter dungeon crawls.

12/9/01: Garou Carols by The Muse:

Okay, these are just plain SCARY.

Issue #15, 09/27/01

09/27/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: A Touch of Evil, by Pieter van Hiel:

Editor Pieter van Hiel wonders how much is too much. (Mature content)

A Remembrance: by Jen:

In memory of the events of September 11th.

Romance in RP: by Sass Mun:

Halloween is just around the corner... what better time to talk about l'amour?

Hip Hop in WoD: by Ronald Nealy:

In MY day, we played D&D and listened to Twisted Sister tapes, and we LIKED it, goshdarnit!

Welcome to the Fold (Conclusion): by The Gline:

Well, it took us months. But here we are. And it was worth the wait, kids.

Arashi-No Kenji (Chapter Four: Revelations): by Eric the Bard:

Good stuff! Talking swords, and everything!

Issue #14, 07/19/01

07/07/01: Tinker, Tailor, Sorceror, Spy: by Pieter van Hiel:

Author Dennis Jones makes a switch from spy-thriller to sword and sorcery!

07/07/01: When Super Powers Don't Work: by Jennifer Wylie:

Jen Wylie tells us what it's like to be a mere human when disaster strikes.

07/07/01: Room Review: Magic and Muggles! by Sass:

Wanna play a Muggle? Find out more...

07/07/01: Behind the Scenes: Magic and Muggles: by Sass Mun:

In honour of our newest public room, and the upcoming feature film, Sass speaks to the hosts of the Harry Potter public room.

07/07/01: I Knew in my Heart that I would never be Afraid Again (conclusion): by Shadowkitty:

Jean chases after the guy of her dreams!

07/07/01: Arashi-No Kenji (Chapter Two and Three): by Eric the Bard:

Ichijo may be more than she appears...

07/07/01: Welcome to the Fold (Part Seven): by Gline:

Haruna drops a bombshell as we build to the climax.

07/07/01: Blasphemies Observed (Part Two): by Jennifer Wylie and Pieter van Hiel:

The mysterious Dr. Plith explains his research to captive Kathy.

Issue #13, 5/30/2001

05/20/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: What IS Firetop Mountain?:

What's up with this whole "Firetop Mountain" thing?

05/02/01: Welcome to the Fold (part six): by Gline:

No, it's not over yet. In fact, it gets better than ever!

05/02/01: My Two Cents: Source Handles And YOU!: by Sass Mun:

Sass Mun wrestles with the issue of Source handles.

05/02/01: Which Browser for IMC?: by Vince Novak and Gline:

A practical look at IMC's performance on various browser platforms.

05/02/01: Arashi-no-Kenji (part one): by Eric the Bard:

Eric the Bard spins a tale of vengeance and magic!

05/02/01: I knew in my Heart that I'd never be Afraid again (Part Two): by Shadow Kitty, AKA Jen:

Shadowkitty's heroine takes her first step into a much larger world!

05/02/01: Blasphemies Observed (Part One): by Pieter van Hiel and Jennifer Wylie (Radar):

Part one of a collaborative piece by Pieter van Hiel and Jennifer Wylie (Radar).

Issue #12, 4/8/01

03/30/01: Missy Makes Good:

Xena scriptwriter Missy Good proves that you can do it too. (by Pieter van Hiel)

03/30/01: Memo From Firetop Mountain: Stranger Than Fiction:

Editor Pieter van Hiel has a RL brush with UFOs! (by Pieter van Hiel)

03/30/01: Welcome to the Fold (Part Five):

by Gline

04/8/01: Life's Lessons: Thoughts on Friendship (by Sass Mun):

Columnist Sass Mun gives us an inside look.

04/08/01: Please, May I Kill You? (by Roy E. Murray):

Roy Murray thinks forgiveness is better than permission.

04/08/01: The True Meaning of the word "Roleplay" ( by Amanda M. Purol):

Amanda Purol begs to differ with Sass mun's last editorial.

04/08/01: I knew in my heart that I'd never be afraid again (by Shadow Kitty, AKA Jen):

Say hello to Shadowkitty's award winning X-Men fan fiction!

Issue #11, 2/11/2001

02/11/01: Memo From Firetop Mountain: IMC prevails! by Pieter Van Hiel:

The editor celebrates an impressive landmark, and shares a few thoughts in its light.

02/11/01: Slaughtering Sacred Cows: Sara Douglass speaks:

Australian fantasy author Sara Douglass shares her secrets with The Guide.

02/11/01: Life's Lessons: Brevity versus Description: by Sass Mun:

02/11/01: Life's Lessons: Brevity versus Description

02/11/01: Welcome to the Fold, part four: by Gline:

Gline's script has a few more twists as it nears its conclusion.

02/11/01: IRL #3: by Bex:

There hasn't been much in this part of the zine lately. So Bex does something about it!

Issue #10: 1/7/2001

01/07/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain:

The editor gives up a glimpse of things to come, and what has gone before.

01/07/01: Writing in Ender's Shadow: by Pieter van Hiel:

Author Orson Scott Card talks about his most famous creation, and about his work on the Ender's Game film.

01/07/01: You are what you play!: by Joey-mun:

Mun of a 1000 handles Joey tells you how to order Klingon Bloodwine in a loud voice without feeling like a pillock.

01/07/01: Welcome to the Fold (Part three): by Gline:

The fuses are lit in Gline's ongoing screenplay.

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