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The 'Zine FAQ

What is the Zine for?

The 'Zine is for IMC users to show off their creativity! Fanfiction, art, and poetry are some examples of what we would love to see from our users.

What isn't the Zine for?

The 'Zine is not for bashing other users of the site, baiting the SysOps, or other behavior deemed unacceptable by the standards of the site.

Who can submit?

Chatters that are not site-banned are welcomed to contribute their pieces.

What should the submissions be about?

We like to try to keep the 'Zine to gaming in particular, but we understand that there are many 'wires that cross' in making a game possible. The world of comic books fuels the DC Universe and Marvel rooms, movies, books, and comics can influence a Star Wars game, various anime fuels anime-based games, books influence a Harry Potter universe, etc.. If you have a review of something that you feel ties into game, feel free to submit it to our new 'Reviews' column.

'Zine submissions of 14+ should be rated using the IMC ratings system.

Fanfiction or other written items based on the work of other people must have a disclaimer.

Can I start a column of my own?

If you are interested in having your own column, please contact the editor about what you would like to do and include a written-up example.

How often is the Zine published?

Every three to four months. Deadlines for each issue are posted on the 'Zine Forum.

Can I send my drawing/photo/movie, etc?

Yes! We ask that art and photos maintain the IMC picture rating (i.e., no vulgar words or nudity) and that movies be hosted on a service such as GoogleVideo or YouTube.

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