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A Word from Your Editor (by Radar)

In which Radar voluntarily blows her own about IMC and related matters.

Seven years of IMC have come to pass and it's been a great tenure thus far. Rooms are a hoppin' and Gline has been kind enough to work on upgrading the code for the site with each passing week. If ever there were a Mythbusters episode on, "Can a chat site be built in a week and last for a long time", IMC would certainly fit the category quite nicely even though there's a lack of explosions (and poor Buster getting pulled to pieces).

There will soon be changes to the Zine. Right now, we're on a four month schedule (five for this issue, as the Editor had great fun helping a friend move, move her office at work, and then move herself!) but soon we'll be going to every three months, with more dedicated columns and contributions from various IMC chatters as well as gaming material from other sources. With the powerful advent of many other on-line RPG's that have become chat-based (World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and the like), there will be columns written for said adventures. With this new schedule, the New Shiny shall be unveiled in January after the holidays as the staff of IMC takes their traditional December break for the holiday season.

New features (as well as our current regular columns) will include:

-Calendar of Conventions
-On-Line MMORPG's
-Ask Gentleman Gamer
-Movie and Media Reviews
-Fan Events for Canceled Shows (Firefly, Stargate, Star Trek, etc)
-Fanfiction, Fiction, Poetry, etc.
-Technical Column re: How IMC Works
-Reviews of Games and Gaming Systems
-Photos and Art

There will also be a new column called Bloglife, where chatters can submit links to their own blogs (not blogs from others) about things they wish to share with the world.

Stay tuned for the implementation of these changes and I hope you enjoy this issue of the 'Zine!

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