Welcome to the IMC online 'zine! SysOp Plith (aka Pieter van Hiel) addresses all manner of online gaming issues in his fortnightly column. Pieter will also be soliciting material from our users -- check out the contents of his first column for details!

IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

09/30/99: When the Universe Slumbers
It was a dark and stormy night...

09/20/99: Space Cadets versus the Dark Empire Slavers of Planet X
Pieter puts his past on display for your exhibitionist scrutiny.

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It's all in fun! Got a choice piece of roleplaying humor? Send it in!

09/30/99: The first appearance of Joe Genero on IMC!
Well-known RPG cartoonist Jason Holmgren, the creator of the Joe Genero comic strip, will be providing new work on his strip for our 'zine! Check out this classic strip, and if you want to visit his site, look at http://www.furnation.com/Sanguine/ for more! Jason recently published his own RPG. Check it out at http://www.ironclaw.gs !

09/22/99: The Dungeoneer's Lament
The lyrics are in no way intended to insult the patrons or staff of the WoD room.

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Here's where we let our members shine! Send us links to your material, be it fan fiction or original, poems or prose.

Scum of the Spacelanes, from February 28th, 1998 Realms
An installment of a tongue-in-cheek serial based on a sci-fi RPG campaign Pieter ran in 1994.

Veterans of Little Wars
A short-story dealing with the draw-backs of non-social online gaming.

Wandering Star, by Stephen Barringer
Fan fiction based on the exploits of Ivanova from Babylon 5.

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09/22/99: So you wanna play online...
Some Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers compiled and written by Your Very Own Guide to the Non-Existent Universe, Pieter van Hiel