ISSUE #8, 10/24/2000

IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

10/24/00: Drooling Fanboy helms new Star Wars RPG
Editor Pieter van Hiel gets the skinny on the new WoTC Star Wars RPG

10/24/00: Xanth Author draws fantasy from reality
The Zine explores Piers Anthony's every chasm.

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These member-written columns are designed to give our chatters a voice. Got a gripe? Feel like sharing your viewpoint on roleplaying? Send submissions to Pieter!

10/24/00: Sarq
An aspiring writer takes us on a horrific tour of the editor's own homeland - Spooky Southern Ontario!

10/24/00: Welcome to the Fold
The Guide to the Non-Existent Universe is proud to present part one of the Gline original script, 'Welcome to the Fold.' Enjoy!

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