ISSUE #5, 05/17/2000

IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

05/17/00: All Aboard the Catch 22 Express!
Pieter van Hiel dicusses the issue of 'railroading' in during campaigns.

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05/17/00: Who is Dana Scully?
Marce dissects everyone's favorite cynic.

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05/17/00: IRL #2
Yup, the strip's still alive. Fooled you, didn't we?

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05/17/00: More poems!
Highlander Host Jen shows us some poetry of her own. With surprisingly little head-hacking.

05/17/00: Selection of Poetry
Kathryn Bayne offers up some of her musings for the general public.

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