ISSUE #2, 12/13/99

IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

12/13/99: Living in the Land of Spare Oom
A reflection on 20 years spent Ignoring Reality.

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These member-written columns are designed to give our chatters a voice. Got a gripe? Feel like sharing your viewpoint on roleplaying? Send submissions to Pieter!

12/13/99: Dr. Strangechat (or how I learned to start debugging and love ASP): Two Weeks And A Couple of Days in the Life of a Chat Site Creator 
The Gline's chronicle of how IMC was built, part one: Fear And Loathing in WBS.

12/13/99: Scenario Mastering 101
Ben delves into the basics of running a fun scenario in the online world.

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