ISSUE #10, 01/07/2001

IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

01/07/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain
The editor gives up a glimpse of things to come, and what has gone before.

01/07/01: Writing in Ender's Shadow
Author Orson Scott Card talks about his most famous creation, and about his work on the Ender's Game film.

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These member-written columns are designed to give our chatters a voice. Got a gripe? Feel like sharing your viewpoint on roleplaying? Send submissions to Pieter!

01/07/01: You are what you play!
Mun of a 1000 handles Joey tells you how to order Klingon Bloodwine in a loud voice without feeling like a pillock.

01/07/01: Welcome to the Fold (Part three)
The fuses are lit in Gline's ongoing screenplay.

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