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ISSUE #14, 07/07/2001

IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

07/07/01: Tinker, Tailor, Sorceror, Spy by Pieter van Hiel
Author Dennis Jones makes a switch from spy-thriller to sword and sorcery!

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These member-written columns are designed to give our chatters a voice. Got a gripe? Feel like sharing your viewpoint on roleplaying? Send submissions to Pieter!

07/07/01: When Super Powers don't Work, by Jennifer "Radar" Wylie
Jen Wylie tells us what it's like to be a mere human when disaster strikes.

07/07/01: Room Review: Magic and Muggles
Wanna play a Muggle? Find out more...

07/07/01: Behind the Scenes: Magic and Muggles, by Sass Mun
In honour of our newest public room, and the upcoming feature film, Sass speaks to the hosts of the Harry Potter public room.

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It's all in fun! Got a choice piece of roleplaying humor or fiction? Send it in!

07/07/01: I Knew in my Heart that I would never be Afraid Again (conclusion), by Shadowkitty
Jean chases after the guy of her dreams!

07/07/01: Arashi-No Kenji (Chapter Two and Three), by Eric the Bard
Ichijo may be more than she appears...

07/07/01: Welcome to the Fold (Part Seven), by Gline
Haruna drops a bombshell as we build to the climax.

07/07/01: Blasphemies Observed (Part Two), by Jennifer Wylie and Pieter van Hiel
The mysterious Dr. Plith explains his research to captive Kathy.

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