It's all in fun! Got a choice piece of roleplaying humor? Send it in!

02/11/01: IRL #3
There hasn't been much in this part of the zine lately. So Bex does something about it!

08/15/00: Roleplay NUMBAH Five!
Snag-mun has too much free time

05/17/00: IRL #2
Yup, the strip's still alive. Fooled you, didn't we?

01/16/00: IRL #1 
Bex barbecues a few sacred cows in the on-line gaming community.

01/16/00: SYSTEM ERROR! 
RPGs can be fatal, kids! Discretion advised; offensive content.

11/11/99: Lord Bloodstone on Lichdom 
So you wanna be a lich, kid? Here's a tale for you...

10/22/99: And Now For Something Completely Different...
The Phantom Menace meets Monty Python and the Holy Grail - humor in five parts!

09/30/99: The first appearance of Joe Genero on IMC!
Well-known RPG cartoonist Jason Holmgren, the creator of the Joe Genero comic strip, will be providing new work on his strip for our 'zine! Check out this classic strip, and if you want to visit his site, look at http://www.furnation.com/Sanguine/ for more! Jason recently published his own RPG. Check it out at http://www.ironclaw.gs !

09/22/99: The Dungeoneer's Lament
The lyrics are in no way intended to insult the patrons or staff of the WoD room.