05/17/00: Selection of Poetry
by Kathryn Bayne

Fire's Prayer

Never let the sunshine fade from me,

always let it be with me,

every ray a reminder of the power of my spirit.

Let soft gentle winds be upon my cheek,

and simply caress and give of me no tears,

and not attempt to make this flame flicker.

Let the earth beneath my feet be soft to my bare feet,

no rough edged rocks to bite at me,

and no bloody footsteps shall I make.

Let me drink of the dew,

the sweetness that is there,

and forget the bitterness of life.

And though I choose not love, I choose strength,

and in that choice..my fire burns more temperate,

do not leave me without you.

For without frienship,..I walk alone.

To dark paths.

So hold me, but not too fiercely,

Hold me..and take my hand in friendship.


In the wasteland of refusal the visions mourn,
seething shadows speak of times long past,
burdens of choice hang upon the mind,
souls whimper in the desolation of dead chance.

Once dreams flourished upon the fertile plains,
spirits soared upon the dreaming wind,
these whisperings were feather soft and bright,
and in the moonlight joyful tomorrows grew.

The view was clear, though not certain,
silvery thin threads tied together this place,
a ribbon of silken strength and possibilty,
yet light enough that it danced in the breeze.

This land held secrets that were never uttered,
unknown energy pulsed slowly within its heart,
unleashed by a dark, cold and troubled fantasy,
swift change raged and howled in a havoc.

Then sheets of scalding rain fell upon the earth,
lost within that relentless downpour were sparks of life,
those begininngs were drowned by fate,
leaving Hope and Faith to nourish nothing.

In the wasteland of refusal the visions mourn
and no more will ever be but that...
sad fate..cruel chance..

One Step Closer to Heaven

Towering Peaks,

Sentinels to Peace,

Silent Guardians,

Protect this Place as Stoic Warriors.

Clear and Brilliant,

Radiant Lights,

Shining in the Night,

Guide the Wanderer without a Breath.

Rushing Waters,

Tumbling Farther,

No taint Within,

Remind all Others with the Sounds of Joy.

Know this

The Land is Sacred,

The Love is Pure,

One Step Closer to Heaven,

this my Sanctuary.

Thanks Kathryn!