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Here's where we let our members shine! Send us links to your material, be it fan fiction or original, poems or prose.

07/07/01: I Knew in my Heart that I would never be Afraid Again (conclusion), by Shadowkitty
Jean chases after the guy of her dreams!

07/07/01: Arashi-No Kenji (Chapter Two and Three), by Eric the Bard
Ichijo may be more than she appears...

07/07/01: Welcome to the Fold (Part Seven), by Gline
Haruna drops a bombshell as we build to the climax.

07/07/01: Blasphemies Observed (Part Two), by Jennifer Wylie and Pieter van Hiel
The mysterious Dr. Plith explains his research to captive Kathy

05/02/01: Arashi-no-Kenji (part one)
Eric the Bard spins a tale of vengeance and magic!

05/02/01: I knew in my Heart that I'd never be Afraid again (Part Two)
Shadowkitty's heroine takes her first step into a much larger world!

05/02/01: Blasphemies Observed (Part One)
Part one of a collaborative piece by Pieter van Hiel and Jennifer Wylie (Radar).

05/17/00: More poems!
Highlander Host Jen shows us some poetry of her own. With surprisingly little head-hacking.

05/17/00: Selection of Poetry
Kathryn Bayne offers up some of her musings for the general public.

05/02/01: Welcome to the Fold (part six)
No, it's not over yet. In fact, it gets better than ever!

04/08/01: I knew in my Heart that I'd never be Afraid again (Part One)
Say hello to Shadowkitty's award winning X-Men fan fiction!

04/08/01: Welcome to the Fold (part five)
We reach the halfway point in Gline's script.

02/11/01: Welcome to the Fold (part four)
Gline's script has a few more twists as it nears its conclusion.

01/07/01: Welcome to the Fold (part three)
The fuses are lit in Gline's ongoing screenplay.

12/04/00: Welcome to the Fold (part two)
Things start to get weird in part two of Gline's screenplay

12/04/00: An Untitled Piece, chapter one
Watch a budding novelist at work, as Kit brings up regular updates of a novel she in penning.

10/24/00: Welcome to the Fold (part one)
The Guide to the Non-Existent Universe is proud to present part one of the Gline original script, 'Welcome to the Fold.' Enjoy!

Scum of the Spacelanes, from February 28th, 1998 Realms
An installment of a tongue-in-cheek serial based on a sci-fi RPG campaign Pieter ran in 1994.

Veterans of Little Wars
A short-story dealing with the draw-backs of non-social online gaming.

Wandering Star, by Stephen Barringer
Fan fiction based on the exploits of Ivanova from Babylon 5.