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These member-written columns are designed to give our chatters a voice. Got a gripe? Feel like sharing your viewpoint on roleplaying? Send submissions to Pieter!

07/07/01: When Super Powers don't Work, by Jennifer "Radar" Wylie
Jen Wylie tells us what it's like to be a mere human when disaster strikes.

07/07/01: Room Review: Magic and Muggles
Wanna play a Muggle? Find out more...

07/07/01: Behind the Scenes: Magic and Muggles, by Sass Mun
In honour of our newest public room, and the upcoming feature film, Sass speaks to the hosts of the Harry Potter public room.

05/02/01: My Two Cents: Source Handles And YOU!
Sass Mun wrestles with the issue of Source handles

04/08/01: Life's Lessons: Thoughts on Friendship
Columnist Sass Mun gives us an inside look

04/08/01: Please, may I kill you?
Roy Murray thinks forgiveness is better than permission

04/08/01: The True Meaning of the Word Roleplay
Amanda Purol begs to differ with Sass mun's last editorial

02/11/01: Life's Lessons: Brevity versus Description
The first of a new regular column, by IMC's own Sass Mun!

01/07/01: You are what you play!
Mun of a 1000 handles Joey tells you how to order Klingon Bloodwine in a loud voice without feeling like a pillock.

10/24/00: Sarq
An aspiring writer takes us on a horrific tour of the editor's own homeland - Spooky Southern Ontario!

08/15/00: Building the Better RPG Chat Room
Sysop Chance shows ya how it's done!

08/15/00: Gamer's Review: The Mummy
Matt Dawg wraps up the Mummy

08/15/00: Dragondale City Saga, part two
Dragondale co-host Jeffrey describes the evolution of his dream

7/05/00: An Important word of Advice
Listen up! This is important!

7/05/00: The Solo RP, and why it's your friend
Jenn U. plays with herself

7/05/00: The Dragondale Saga
See how the legend began...

5/17/00: Who is Dana Scully?
Marce dissects everyone's favorite cynic.

3/12/00: Dr. Strangechat, Part TWO!
Sysop Gline gives us another peek into the secret recesses of his dark past.

3/12/00: Dragonslayers Anonymous, Chapter One
Part One of a new serial fantasy!

1/16/00: Film Review: The Crow 
Gline yanks a few feathers from The Crow.

1/16/00: By The Seat Of Your Pants 
Gline talks about the time the cop took off his underwear and ran down the street. You'll have to read it to understand.

12/13/99: Dr. Strangechat (or how I learned to start debugging and love ASP): Two Weeks And A Couple of Days in the Life of a Chat Site Creator
The Gline's chronicle of how IMC was built, part one: Fear And Loathing in WBS.

12/13/99: Scenario Mastering 101
Ben delves into the basics of running a fun scenario in the online world.

11/11/99: In the Beginning... 
SysOp Kit tells a bit about the origins of the site you know as IMC.

10/22/99: Jennifer meets the Clone-o-Bot of Love
Looking for love online? Jennifer Wylie points out the pitfalls.

10/22/99: Villainy 101
Matt Dawg ponders building the better villain.

10/13/99: On Creating an RPG Community
Chance offers her viewpoint on how to build a better, stronger chat community.