"Power Gaming": Pieter's Columns for Realms Magazine

Ancient Gems of Gaming Advice dredged up from Pieter's distant past, culled from the pages of Realms, Canada's own sci-fi and RPG magazine, now sadly on extended hiatus.

The mag's online archive is http://www.interlog.com/~realms/ if you want to check it out. Pieter provided us with his proudest moments from Realms, and we've linked them here for your reading pleasure. Enjoy!

August 13th, 1997: Let there be Light  
Creating game worlds. 

September 10th, 1997: Indoctrinating the New Guy  
Dealing with new gamers. 

October 8th, 1997: Someone READ this?  
Pieter responds to hate mail. 

November 5th, 1997: Online Gaming Not for Everyone  
Internet gaming blues, written soon before my discovery of the Babylon 5 room and online role-play Eden. 

November 19th, 1997: Humorous Gaming Tales  
The inevitable Gazebo story. 

December 3rd, 1997: More Gaming Tales  
Stories from Pieter's own game group 

December 17th, 1997: The Fine Art of Suicide  
Dealing with spoil-sport players 

December 31st, 1997: Gaming Resolutions  
Pieter reflects on the turning of the year. 

January 14th, 1998: Making Monsters Count  
Getting more bold out of your kobolds. 

January 28th, 1998: Starting a Campaign  
Part One of running a cracking good campaign.

February 11th, 1998: Running a Campaign  
Part Two of running a cracking good campaign. 

March 11th, 1998: Ending a Campaign  
The campaign running trilogy concluded! 

April 8th, 1998: It's all in the Mood...  
Pieter re-enacts "The Shining" His personal favorite column. 

April 22nd, 1998: The Best Game I ever Bought  
It cost me one shiny quarter, yessir. 

May 6th, 1998: The List You've All Been Waiting For  
The inevitable top-ten list. 

May 20th, 1998: Good Night, and God Bless!  
Pieter says goodbye to an old friend.