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IMC's RP SysOp gives you some insight into his nonexistent worlds.

9/27/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: A Touch of Evil, by Pieter van Hiel
Editor Pieter van Hiel wonders how much is too much. (Mature content)

07/07/01: Tinker, Tailor, Sorceror, Spy by Pieter van Hiel
Author Dennis Jones makes a switch from spy-thriller to sword and sorcery!

05/20/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: What IS Firetop Mountain?
What's up with this whole "Firetop Mountain" thing?

04/08/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: Stranger than Fiction?
Editor Pieter van Hiel has a RL brush with UFOs!

04/08/01: Geek makes good
Xena scriptwriter Missy Good proves that you can do it too.

02/11/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain: IMC Prevails!
T he editor celebrates an impressive landmark, and shares a few thoughts in its light.

02/11/01: Slaughtering Sacred Cows: Sara Douglass speaks
Australian fantasy author Sara Douglass shares her secrets with The Guide.

01/07/01: Memo from Firetop Mountain
The editor gives up a glimpse of things to come, and what has gone before.

01/07/01: Writing in Ender's Shadow
Author Orson Scott Card talks about his most famous creation, and about his work on the Ender's Game film.

12/04/00: Roll the Bones
Editor Pieter van Hiel exposes his polyhedralphilia.

12/04/00: No Future!
Author Bruce Sterling is surprised to be alive.

10/24/00: Drooling Fanboy helms new Star Wars RPG
Editor Pieter van Hiel gets the skinny on the new WoTC Star Wars RPG

10/24/00: Xanth Author draws fantasy from reality
The Zine explores Piers Anthony's every chasm.

08/15/00: Why, In my Day...
Editor Pieter van Hiel lives in the past and reviews the present.

07/05/00: My Dinner with Dragons
Editor Pieter interviews some Heroes of the Lance.

05/17/00: All Aboard the Catch 22 Express!
Pieter van Hiel dicusses the issue of 'railroading' in during campaigns.

03/12/00: Pieter van Hiel and the Clash of the Technocrats of Gor (of Doom!)
Editor Pieter van Hiel meets a living member of the Technocracy, and lives to tell about it!

01/16/00: Happy New Year!
SysOp Pieter van Hiel looks ahead.

12/13/99: Living in the Land of Spare Oom
A reflection on 20 years spent Ignoring Reality.

11/11/99: The Night the Universe Changed 
The occasional, irrevocable shift in your players' worldview is a good thing.

10/22/99: The World's Longest Film Review
Pieter takes on "Mazes and Monsters," the propagandist anti-RPGs film.

10/16/99: Flying Solo
Roleplaying or mental masturbation? Think about it.

09/30/99: When the Universe Slumbers
It was a dark and stormy night...

09/20/99: Space Cadets versus the Dark Empire Slavers of Planet X
Pieter puts his past on display for your exhibitionist scrutiny.

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