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The Guide to the Nonexistent Universe is a semi-monthly publication serving the IMC community of role-play gamers. We welcome submissions that would be of interest to the IMC community, as well as gamers at large.

Issue #33: September 30, 2006

A Word from Your Editor (by Radar):

In which Radar voluntarily blows her own about IMC and related matters.

A Victim of Our Own Success (by Gline):

In which Gline holds forth about how IMC success could eventually become its undoing ... or not.

The First Three (By Toy):

In which Toy unveils the first three chapters of her magnum opus.

X-Men, Then and Now (by Bara):

In which Bara takes a hard look at the new film incarnation of the X-Men, and comes away with a sour taste in her mouth.

We Look So Small (by Gline):

In which Gline unveils an extended excerpt from his "novel of fandom", The New Golden Age.

Piet Vs. Dragonraid (By Piet):

In which Piet gives us, from his Fortress of Solitude, a video review of a very unusual role-playing game ...

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