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IMC Chatrooms: Supernatural and Dark Fantasy: Black Isles

Express URL for this room: http://im-chat.com/rooms/BlackIsles
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20 miles off the coast of Panama lies La Isla Negra, The Black Island, a single Island, surrounded by 200 Islets, affectionately known as 'Black Isles', over the years this Island has become a hotbed for the forces of the Supernatural.

This room is a White Wolf World of Darkness Role Play game based in the South Pacific.
Room rules:

Room Rules
Gen age is not to exceed 10th - 14th. Garou Rank is not to exceed Cliath

This room is M for mature chatters, and the content of the play, may not be suitable, for younger players or more sensitive ones.

Character applications can be sent to the following e-mail addresses:
Mortals, Imbued Hunters: DarthMessenger@gmail.com
Changelings: FaerieCuffs@gmail.com
Mages: bi_mages@hotmail.com
Demons: ressurectionjoe@gmail.com
Vampires: vampirestsunlimited@hotmail.com
Suggestions and Constructive Criticism: isles.suggestions@gmail.com
Complaints and CMDC Issues: isles.complaints@gmail.com

Any systems not listed will be considered by the Co-hosts and staff on a case by case basis

Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

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This room is rated:

For mature chatters

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Room Staff
Assistant Room Staff: Eric the Bard[General Staff Support, Systems Expert]
Room Support: Kogitsune[Sheet Monkey | Character Creation Expert]

Currently Scheduled Room Events: (See all room events)
Saturday: XP - Do it now! -- Everybody should vote. XP for RP! [Weekly event]

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