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IMC Chatrooms: Comics, Video Games and Animation: Alternate DBZ

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Welcome to an exciting role play environment based on the popular anime TV series, Dragonball Z. Although we are based on this legend of men who become gods of strength and power, you will find none of the famous figures that engraved their visages in the hearts of every person who loved the show. No, the heroes died long ago, and all of the villains are no more. What's left is a world that your character can grip in a hand, where unique evils never heard of before cast their shadow over Earth and where a character you start as a pauper of power has every possibility of becoming the next Goku.

Thank you for your interest in our room, and good luck!

Our current handle picture size limits are 400x400 pixels.

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For mature chatters

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Room Staff
Co-Hosts: Marcus Ryder[You about to get some PTSD]
Hoan Zoah
Staff: ff0ecaf
Assistant Room Staff:[None]
Room Support: ~*~Deza~*~

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