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IMC Chatrooms: Comics, Video Games and Animation: The Multiverse

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"We're all here because we're not all there"

Dramatic Dribble: Welcome to the Multiverse, a place where all realities meet into one single universe. Where the possibilities of time and space have no boundaries but our own creative minds. Come lurk in a world where the power of science and the twisted logic of magic collide in a chaotic whirlwind of the mind and body. Gaze upon the subconscious of a hated race, known as mutants, feared as killers, love by few. Look for the monsters of the night that lurk at every corner, but so few people even realize that they are there. The vampires, the undead and all other beings that were thought to be a myth, but escape the notice of humans by their enablitliy to believe in their dark existence. Hear the modern world bray their accomplishments, while just giving the tired gray death smile they have always given.

*chuckles* Welcome to the Multiverse. We are (loosly) a "comic-based" room. This means that some of the In Character (IC) rules lean towards comics/TV Shows. There are different and in some areas less limitations to what would be allowed compared to other systems and IRL. Those people who wish to have characters w/ powers/super abilities, are most likely going to find themselves a "mutant" when deciding a character type. Otherwise a person can be anyone they wish at any job at any kind of location. As always, there are exceptions.

Note: The verse is just not for some characters. As of yet there are no official restrictions on any character type but keep in mind that characters do poorly in a modern setting. Please keep this in mind and perhaps add some adjustments to your characters.

Picture Limit going into effect 6/15/00: 450x400 (height x width)

This room is rated M and highly OOC at times. Come in a join a RP or start you own. Default location is NYC. RP set in modern times, with slightly more advanced technology.

Important Notice: The MV does not follow any given system for gaming. The MV is based on the theory that each person knows whats best for their character and/or team. Please keep this in mind and be aware that RP styles may 'clash' in here, so you have to be pretty open minded.

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