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IMC Chatrooms: Historical Era: Age of Steam

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The Age of Steam takes place 75 years in the past, but the history's not the same. In this parallel universe, magic has dramatically altered the world. Technology is fifty years behind, favoring clockwork and steam power over internal combustion or electricity. Canada and the American Northeast are locked in an endless winter, while the Midwest is now the Wastelands, the result of the Dust Bowl with a dark, magical twist. While many nations that would be familiar to us have fallen or grown weak, others have grown strong. In the midst of all of this is a small island nation in what we would recognize as southern Louisiana and Mississippi. Separated from the Wastelands, political enemies, and allies by its magically constructed barrier swamps, la Nouvelle-Orleans is considered a beacon of prosperity and democracy only by those who live there. To the rest of the world, it is an isolated nation plagued by magic and the spiritual world.

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Room Staff
Host: Parthenogenic[Final Reviewer. Wiki-Wizard. General Storyteller]
Co-Hosts: Moriganna(On LOA)
Staff: RabbitMage
Assistant Room Staff: Claire[The Clockwork Secretary | Gossip Maven]
Room Support: Leshrac[Protectores]

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