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IMC Chatrooms: Comics, Video Games and Animation: Empire City

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Empire City is a room dedicated to letting players play in the world of Marvel with both canons and original characters. Canons are those characters that are "on loan" from Marvel - such as Cyclops, Spider-man, or the Human Torch - for players to play themselves. Originals are characters that the player makes up from scratch, and applies to the Marvel setting. Empire City focuses solely on the New York City aspect of Marvel, with Empire City just being another nickname for the Big Apple.


Quick Rules:
+ Picture Limits: 400 x 400, 50K or under.
+ All characters must be applied before they can be played.
+ All characters must be requested on the MB before they can be applied.
+ See the room homepage for more!

This room is rated:

For mature chatters

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Room Staff
Host: Reed
Staff: Psi[CMDC, Stopping World Domination, etc, etc.]
Assistant Room Staff: Mackinzie[HP Design, Room Images and Design, General FAQ]
Chris[General SMs | Bikini Inspector]
Room Support:[None]

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