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IMC Chatrooms: Comics, Video Games and Animation: Convergence

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Welcome to Convergence, a room where DC, Marvel, Top Cow & Wildstorm are all comic book 'universes' available for play with each universe operating independently. For information about recent events check out the bulletin board, for information on what characters are currently in play check out the rosters on the homepage, and if in doubt: ask!


> Picture Limits: 400 x 400, 50K or under.
> All characters must be applied and approved for testplay before they can be played.
> Character models & Canons must be requested on the message board before being applied.
> Characters must have their sheets linked to their handles.
> See the homepage for more information.

This room is rated:

For mature chatters

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Room Staff
Host: Talian[{ DC } I am the person you talk to when it doesn't make any sense]
Co-Hosts: Alex-mun[That's why they put the "I" in "FBI".]
Staff: ff0ecaf
Marcus Ryder
Assistant Room Staff:[None]
Room Support: Sayian Assasin

Currently Scheduled Room Events: (See all room events)
No events at the moment.

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