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IMC Chatrooms: Science Fiction: Legacy

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The year is 2038. Technological advancement is at an unprecedented level. Genetic engineering is not a concept, it's a reality. The Internet has been replaced by a freeflowing data transfer at unbelievable speed, known as Lightnet. Corporate greed and corruption run rampant through all facets of society. The human genetic code is now more malleable than ever, giving way to mutation and natural selection. People can be born with strange, wondrous powers or none at all. The fact is, almost anything is possible. Welcome to your future. Welcome to the reality of Legacy.

Pic Limits: 350x400 and 50k or less (50k comes from IMC itself!)

Updated: 2/9/06

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For mature chatters

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Room Staff
Host: Sadie[Someday, Somehow, gonna make it allright but now right now...]
Co-Hosts: Psi[ Q&A, Storyteller, General Chaos]
Staff: Jade
Assistant Room Staff: Bran[Devlinari Industries, Feral Operations, and the Republic ST]
Room Support:[None]

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