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IMC Chatrooms: Science Fiction: Omega Rising

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Omega Rising is set well into the future, where humanity has escaped a nuclear-ravaged Earth to a new homeworld capable of sustaining human life: Terra. Here, the four nations founded in the same massive continent have discovered a new type of ore, which they have named Tachyon. This ore has allowed humanity to prosper greatly, but in turn newer and better weapons have been devised. These were called Sentinels: large mechanized mobile war machines. Eventually, war was to happen on Terra.

At its peak, the nations called an abrupt cease fire before a repetition of Earth's last war happened. Eighty-three years later, we find ourselves in the present...

To play in this room, players don't need to have any knowledge in any type of mech-based anime or games. The setting, equipment, and generally everything else (with a few obvious exceptions), are original to Omega Rising. Omega Rising allows players to customize their Sentinel mechs with a varied list of weapons, types of armor, and accessories. A simple XP system is used for players to buy newer pieces of equipment, so that they can build their mechs as they see fit.

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