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IMC Chatrooms: Fantasy: Dragondale

Express URL for this room: http://im-chat.com/rooms/Dragondale
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Welcome to the City of Dragons, where metallic and chromatics unite in fun roleplay, surrounded by characters of all races and genres. Please be sure to check out our website for rules of play. Set in an alternate Forgotten Realms, there's much to explore. Come play with us.... You won't be disappointed.

Pictures are to be no larger in file size than 35K, and the pixel limits should not exceed 350 pixels on the largest side.

Characters acceptable for play in Dragondale City are acceptable so long as they are acceptable and fitting to the fantasy setting of the room. For a simple list of classes and races, look at the Character Guide.

Technology rules are typical of any medieval fantasy setting. There is no machinery, electricity, lasers, etc. Any new technical items, magical or normal, must be applied for through the room's staff. Email the host for further details.

This room is rated:

For chatters 16 and up

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Room Staff
Host: Amanda_
Staff: Neon Odie
Assistant Room Staff:[None]
Room Support: Angel Kat

Currently Scheduled Room Events: (See all room events)
No events at the moment.

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Game System:
Freeform, AD&D-based

New Character Approval:
Not required

Character Sheet:
Not required

Character Rules:

Picture Rules are as follows, and will be enforced: Pictures are to be no larger in file size than 25K, and the pixel limits should not exceed 250 pixels on the largest side.

Acceptable Characters/Technology for this Room
(The full description of this topic is here -- please take the time to look at it.)

Any type of Forgotten Realms character, described in any resource book on the Forgotten Realms, is welcome for play in our room. New races MAY be created provided that they are well balanced with the room setting.

Technology for the room is not to exceed that of the 17th Century Earth Realm technology. Thus, lasers, planes, automobiles, etc. will not work in this room. We ask that you please use only technology that would be available during this time period. (i.e. Flintlocks will probably be the most advanced. HOWEVER, gunpowder is rare, and very expensive, and 99% of the time, the flintlock did more damage to the wielder than to the target.)

Please abide by these, and make sure to read through the full page on this subject.