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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ | IMC User's Manual [Click to expand]

A step-by-step guide to using IMC's chat services.
Logging In and Entering Rooms: How to enter a particular room.
Public Vs. Private Rooms: The difference between "public" and "private" chatrooms.
No Frames: The simplest IMC user mode.
Frames: The most commonly-used user mode.
Streaming and Detached Streaming: The most advanced user mode.
New Streaming: A variant of Streaming that may be more versatile for some people.
The Formatting of a Post: The components of a post in a room.
Tear-Offs: Additional editing and reading options for posts after they've been made to a room.
How to Mark Up Tags and Posts with HTML: Using HTML properly in posts.
Gummis: Those weird little things next to your name.
Posting To A Room: How to compose and send a post to a room.
Fast Access Keys: Buttons to make posting in a room faster.
Private Messages (PMs) and the PM Panel: Sending and receiving private messages.
The Attributes Panel: The place where most of your user attributes are stored.
The Who's On Panel: Find out who else is around.
Using the RP Logging / Recording Function: Save your RP for later.
The Dice Panel: Rolling dice in a room.
The Launchbar: Quick access to common in-room functions.
Jump Menu, Logout, Bookmark This Link: Other in-room controls.
System Messages: What those big yellow announcements are.
Where'd all the posts go?: Where posts go to die.
The IMC Forum: An overview of the IMC Forum, or "BBS."

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