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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ | Basic IMC information [Click to expand]

The skinny on IMC.
What is IMC?: A quick introduction to IMC's mission parameters.
Registering with IMC and IMC Accounts: How to make an IMC account.
Terms of Service and Disciplinary Actions: Details about IMC's Terms of Service and what they mean.
Using IMC: Basic information on navigating around IMC.
Handles: On adding, removing, and managing handles (character names).
Hosts: Details about Room Hosts, a/k/a moderators.
Chain of Responsibility: The difference between room matters and site matters. Who things should go to and why.
Filing Formal or Site-Level Complaints: How to register an official complaint against a Site admin or Site Policy.
Room ratings: A detailed guide to the IMC room ratings.
Picture Regulations: What we do and do not require on a site level.
Clear OOC Indicators: Why these are required and what they constitute.
Cyberstalking: What it is and what you can do about it on IMC.
Privacy Notice: A few words about our privacy policy.
Conference Transcripts: Transcripts of prior IMC Conferences.

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