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What's new (and old!) in the world of IMC.

Current Site News

IMC is closing down. See this message board post for more details.

IMC would like to congratulate the following room for their promotion:

New Orleans by Night (Beta Site) to a Public Room.


IMC is doing beta testing for our next upgrade! Go here to give us feedback on what you'd like to see! We have some test rooms on the Beta Site. Please come check it out and be a part of the bug-stomping process.

Please see this message board post for information about our recent service outage!

Please welcome our two newest public rooms, Vegas in Shadow and Age of Steam!

Please welcome our newest public room, Empire City!

IMPORTANT! We've upgraded to the new 6.0 version of IMC's code, which includes a number of changes to the login process. Passwords are now case-sensitive, meaning they need to be typed exactly as you originally supplied them.

If you're having trouble logging in, you can perform a password recovery. Note that in the new version of IMC this will randomly assign you a new password for security's sake, which you can then change when you're logged in.

We've now added a subscription option to the donation system (see above). With it, you can donate $5 a month to IMC automatically!

We have a lot of closures and new rooms to announce today. Alt Battlestar Galactica, The Green Falcon, Multiverse, and FeyEarth have all regrettably closed. However, please join me in welcoming Dimension Gate to the Science Fiction Hallway, Empire City to the Comic Hallway, and Vegas In Shadow to the Supernatural Hallway.

Regrettably, Marvel Cinescape has closed its doors, but another comic-based room has arisen: Convergence!

Regrettably, Mischief Managed has closed its doors, but a new WoD room, Seaside, has gone public!

Please welcome the newest SPRs to the site, Feyearth in the Fantasy Hallway, and In Exilium in the Sci Fi hallway

IMC is seven years old this month! Thanks to everyone for staying with us for so long, and the best is still yet to come!

Among the updates pushed in this week: All users now have 1 megabyte of local image storage! Donors and hosts have 10 megabytes!

Two new PRs have arrived! One is Theos City (actually a previous IMC room come back to life), and the other is WoD: Seaside, an East Coast WoD setting. Good luck to them both!

Sadly, Stargate is to be shut down for the duration of the summer; Dawn looks to re-open the room again in the fall, possibly in a reworked form.

IMC is now on its 5.0 codebase, which includes a new and completely rewritten edition of Streaming. We strongly encourage people on recent browsers to try it. Read all about it here!

IMC is now running on the 4.0 revision of its codebase! We've upgraded to ASP.NET 2.0 and will be able to create new (and far better) features a lot faster than before. The whole site should also enjoy a boost in stability and performance.

We're sorry to report that Tarim's Tavern has also dropped back to unsupported status, due to the host having connectivity issues. The crew in the room are going to do their best to bring things back in a few months. Syndara has also been retired, regrettably; we'd like to see them again sometime soon if we can.

We're sad to announce the closure of Star Wars: The Andara Chronicles and the demotion of The Multiverse to Supported PR. We hope we can see them both again as public rooms in the future. We're also saddened to report the closure of PR pShift.

We've switched to our new server, and all seems to be running well! We'll be keeping an eye on things as we go, though.

Some changes: Star Wars: Requiem is now a Featured Private room using the PR name starwars. And Omega Rising has, sadly, closed its doors after a long and very enjoyable run.

Sadly, Utopia Orbiting has closed its doors. We wish the players well in the future, and hope that someday it will return to the roster. Also, Tarim's Tavern (in Tavern-Style Gaming) has just been bumped up to Supported PR status!

Two new public rooms have just been added to the mix: the WoD-based Twilight Cities and a Harry Potter-verse room, Mischief Managed! Unfortunately, the supported PR Lotus is being closed down due to lack of activity, but we wish the hosts and the chatters from that room the very best in the future.

The Big Round Spinning Thing They Made A Room About -- I mean, Stargate: SGC -- is now public! Thanks to everyone who supported the room and made this all possible!

We've revised the look of the site slightly, especially the in-room presentation! This is a prelude to many future changes, all of which we hope will make the site more accessible, powerful and fun to use. Note that you may need to log out and back in again because of the changes.

IMC has been up and running for six years! Thanks to everyone -- chatters, staff and sysops alike -- who made this possible!

Sadly, World of Darkness: Sin City (formerly Brentford) has closed its doors. We wish the staff and chatters from that room the best of luck in all their future RP endeavors.

We've got some new SPR's to welcome today. Power Rangers makes it return to the site in the Television hallway, and Mischief Managed joins the Fantasy Hallway.

We'd like to Congratulate our newest bunch of SPRs and FPRs. SPR NintendoSSB located in the Comics, Animation and Video Games hallway, as well as FPRs Checkmate and Twilight Cities located in the Fantasy and Dark Fantasy Hallways respectively.

Congratulations to The Green Falcon, our newest SPR. And sadly, Lupani has closed it's doors. We hope they can join us again soon.

We regret to announce that Alternate Power Rangers has closed its doors, and we thank the host GigaTW for putting in the effort to keep it alive.

WoD: Paradise Island is now known as Black Isles. Their room theme material and doorway page will be changing over the next few days to accomodate this change. Links to the room itself should not need to be changed.

We regret to announce that Apocalypse Gate has closed its doors. However, the public room Age of Mythos is picking up where that one left off, with many of the same host, staff, and players.

Congratulations on Star Wars: Requiem going public!

We're now accepting submissions for the next issue of the 'Zine! See this thread for details.

Another room goes public! Welcome Legacy to the roster of science fiction rooms!

Please welcome some new Featured and Supported PRs to IMC: pShift, and Stargate: SGC. We've also promoted Age of Mythos to Public Status, so give them a big hand!

We regret to announce that the public room Checkmate has been closed due to inactivity.

Issue #29 of the Zine is live!

After much work and feedback, the new look for rooms is finally live! Thanks once again to everyone who supplied testing and critical comments. You can report bugs or suggestions here.

Wod: Brentford is now Wod: Sin City! The room's setting has changed to Las Vegas, but the game remains World of Darkness!

Everyone join us in welcoming the newest SPR, pShift!

Happy 2005, everyone!

Also, former users and hosts on Ethereal Realms and its affiliated sites should read this message...

Congratulations to Dragondale and The Multiverse for returning to public status!

We'd also like to welcome the newly-minted Ghostfiles to the ranks of public rooms, and Star Wars: Requiem to our Featured PR roster.

The populace of Marvel Cinescape have spoken, and elected Rebecca as their new host! Congratulations to her, and we wish the room the very brightest and most active of futures.

Marvel Cinescape is holding an in-room election to choose a new Room Host. Best of luck to all the candidates! (Please see this thread for more information about the removal of the previous host.)

Sadly, Roshmere: Weaver and Wyrd has closed its doors. We hope to see them sometime again in the future.

Dragondale City has been reduced from public room to SPR, but we anticipate seeing it again as public in the future. Join them in PR dragondale and see what spells they're cooking up!

Sadly, Gunmetal Chronicles: Half-Life has chosen to close its doors. We wish both the populace of the room and its hosts the very best and would hope they can return sometime in the future.

Checkmate has gone public! Congratulations to the players of the game of people!

Syndara has been moved to SPR. We hope we'll be seeing it again as a full public room in the future.

Congratulations to Star Wars: The Andara Chronicles for going public! May the Force be with them all!

Star Wars: The Andara Chronicles is now an FPR! Congratulations to all who made it happen.

Please welcome Legacy as our newest SPR. It can be found in the Science Fiction Hallway.

We have more great news! Checkmate is now IMC's newest Supported Room! It can be found in the Fantasy category.

Congratulations to Star Wars: The Andara Chronicles for becoming IMC's newest Supported Room! It can be found in the Science Fiction chat hub.

We'd like to welcome rebecca onto the Site Staff in the Conflict Mediation department. Please be nice while she gets used to the buttons and all...

The wheel turns... Reflections of Avalon and Multiverse are being returned to FPR status. With luck we'll see them as public rooms again before long!

The ratings on IMC have changed! Please visit the Ratings Page for more information.

We'd like to welcome Oni Vagrant on as a new Site Staffer in the Rooms Department. Poor soul...

The Muse has departed the ranks of IMC's SysOps. We wish her well in her future endeavors and thank her for her long service to our community. Jenn B. will be the Acting Head of the Rooms Department pending a new appointment to the position.

We're pleased to announce that due to a most excellent performance as a FPR, Omega Rising is now a Public Room. Woo!

Please welcome the new FPR Omega Rising! This room can be found on the Comics, Video Games, and Animation hallway.

Half-Life is now named Gunmetal Chronicles: Half-Life!

Please congratulate Lifestream for their move to Public!
Also, you can now find Marvel Unleashed listed with the FPRs on the Comics, Video Games, and Animation hallway, as "Unleashed".

We're sorry to report that Underground has closed its doors. We hope they will return someday.

Please welcome back SPR Lifestream!

IMC celebrates its fourth year of service this week! Thank you to everyone who makes it possible, and an especially big thank you to the chatters who make it all worthwhile!

The link for SPR DC_Evolution has changed to http://evolution.warp1.net/DC/; Rooms apologizes for the delay!

IMC bids farewell to Battledome, which has closed its doors.

IMC wishes its users and hosts in the USA a happy (and safe) 4th of July!

We are sorry to announce that Buffy The Vampire Slayer has closed it's doors. We hope to one day see it return.

Please welcome new SPR The Matrix!

We're pleased to announce that Utopia Orbiting has gone public!

IMC chatter Michael Drees (chatter 3193) died on April 8 of this year. We wish his family the best, and are sad to see one of our own populace gone.

Rumors circulating to the effect that IMC and ER are merging are false. Any communications that would lead you to believe this rumor are misleading (at best).

Salem Center has changed its name to Marvel Cinescape.

Sadly, we bid farewell to Thirteenth Stone and Copper Island, who have closed their doors. Good luck in your other room endeavors!

Some room changes for you all-- First of all, please congratulate Dragonball Rebellion for their return to Public Room status!
Name changes: The_Storm has changed its name to DC_Evolution, and KaotiX has changed its name to X_Prime.

Issue #24 of the Zine is online now!

Alas, Piet will no longer be editing the Zine. Fortunately, he's picked a splendid replacement -- Radar, who will be taking over after the next Zine hits the stands!

Sometimes a room just does really, really well-- congrats to Power Rangers on achieving Public status!

Please welcome new SPR Lotus!

Please welcome new SPRs Utopia Orbiting, The Board-Laid-Bare, and Power Rangers!

Highlander, Nexus, Dragonball Rebellion, BattleDome, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer can now be found as Featured Private Rooms. Lifestream and Star Wars have closed their doors for the time being; we hope to see them return soon!

We are sorry to announce that Commonwealth has closed it's doors. We hope to one day see it reopen them!

We have a few room changes to announce to y'all:
First of all, we're sad to say goodbye to Dawson's Creek, Exalted: Nexus, Legendary, New Haven, Super Smash Brothers, the Underdark, and X-Files. We hope to see these rooms return to IMC someday!
However, we do have some good news, too. Apocalypse Gate, Half-Life, Salem Center, and Syndara have all joined the ranks of Public Rooms, while Copper Island and KaotiX have been moved from SPR to FPR status.

Issue #23 of the Zine is online now!

The New Handles and New Users forms are back online.

Happy New Year from all of us at IMC!

Room Reviews have been completed; look for room changes in the near future.
Also, we are sad to say that Old West Frontier, as well as SPRs Prowlers, Alternate Forgotten Realms, and Darkover have closed their doors.

IMC wishes all of its patrons and hosts a very Merry Christmas!

In case we forgot to mention before, IMC is now offering image hosting for donors and room hosts/co-hosts. If you have donated in the past, or are a room host or cohost, go to http://im-chat.com/users/imgsrvr/ -- the image-hosting control panel in USERS. You can upload a maximum of 2MB of images, each being no more than 50K.

IMC would like to wish all of its patrons a very happy Thanksgiving!

We've moved! Our new temporary URL is while we wait for DNS to catch up to us.

Please note that many things may still not be working correctly, such as the password-recovery function or anything else related to IMC's mail server. We are working on these problems and want to have everything functional by the end of the week.

Huzzah! The latest issue of The Guide to the Non-Existent Universe is up! This issue includes an in-person con report by The Gline and Pieter.
Please Welcome our newest SPR, Copper Island, which can be found listed in the Fantasy Hallway.

Sadly, Camelot has closed its doors. However, please welcome new SPR KaotiX!

We regret to announce that Sass is leaving her position as Site Staff due to real-life concerns. She will be missed, but will still be an active player on the site.

Issue 21 of Guide to the NonExistent Universe is now live!

You can now find New Haven listed with the FPRs in the Comics, Video Games, and Animation hallway.

We would like to welcome our newest SPR, Half-Life. It can be found in the Science Fiction hallway.

IMC's administration regrets that we have had to pull Tachibana High School from our list of supported private rooms due to aggravating circumstances. We apologize to it's patrons and hope to see a replacement room applied soon.

Magic and Muggles has changed it's room rating from 12-rated to 14-rated. Also, we've opened a new BBS folder for discussions of all IMC Shop-related merchandise and topics.

In our IMC Site Shop, we're now offering three models of IMC PC for the simple user, the power user, and the high-end gamer/hobbyist. All profits from the sales of these machines go back into supporting IMC, and you don't even need to be an IMC user to buy one.

We say good-bye to Dragonball Z, as they have closed their doors.

The IMC Shop is open for business! Public rooms can now offer related items and goods!

For the time being you can find Darkover listed with the SPR's in the Fantasy hallway

Darkover, ER and Imperfect Universe have closed their doors. We are sorry to see them go and apologize for any confusion.

Please welcome the new SPR Salem_Center!

As of 7/26, the Muse is on LoA until 8/9; Scher is in charge of the Rooms Department during that time. All Rooms matters are still to be sent to rooms@im-chat.com.

We are happy to welcome the new public rooms, Underground and Project Nemesis. You can now find X-Files listed with the Supported Private Rooms.

You can now find The Storm listed with the Featured Private Rooms.

Please welcome the SPR Thirteenth Stone!

Hey, you kids! Issue 20 of the 'zine is up... and it's the biggest one yet. Featuring an interview with Ed Greenwood, guest editorials, fiction, and more!

Welcome the new SPR Prowlers: Chronicles!

You can now enter Detached Streaming, a new variant on Streaming, through the doorways of your favorite rooms!

New user features have gone live! Check out the new Friends List and the newly-active Hobbies and Helpables!

More adventures in Chatroom Evolution-- Werewolf: Roshmere is now Roshmere: Weaver and Wyrd.

Please welcome three new SPRs! Camelot, ProjectNemesis, and Syndara have joined the IMC family.

Alas, another room has decided to close its doors-- we bid farewell to the SPR Hidden Universe.

Please welcome IMC's newest room, the FPR Tachibana! You can find this room on the Comics, Video Games, and Animation hallway.

A change has been made to the IMC Privacy Statement, which can be found in the info section.

Roland's Cavern is no longer a public room on IMC.

Sass is leaving her role as the head of the Rooms Department, and is also going on LOA. We wish her the very best during her time away from the keyboard! Muse was silly enough to step up in her place and will be running the Rooms Department and all it's loyal minions.

We are sad to announce that the SPR Cathemega has been removed due to the host’s request. Hopefully when time allows, they will return to us.

You can find X-Files, now FPR, in the PR list on the Television and Drama hallway.

Also welcome the Underground FPR to IMC! It's based on the TV series Mutant X.

Please welcome our newest SPR, Lupani!

Issue 18 of the Zine is now online! Included are articles by Kit, Missa, Jeremy Snipes, Kes, and Piet (among others!)

We have now added a provision for recovering lost account names and passwords!

As times change, so too do rooms: Marvel What If...? is now known as Extreme Marvel.

Alas, we must bid farewell to another public room, for Drassiniyan has closed its doors. We wish you well in future RP endeavors!

We have added a new message board for discussing articles published in the Zine, edited and moderated by our very own Zine Editor, Radar (jenniferwylie@yahoo.com)!

The new issue of the Zine, Issue #17, is live! Included are articles from Malfis and Illusionary, poetry from Jen and Rose Marie Ashe, animation from Amichi, and fiction from Gline!

Please welcome IMC's newest SPR, Exalted: Nexus!

A few rooms announcements for you guys: We'd like to congratulate PokeMon GS for making the jump from SPR to FPR; we'd also like to congratulate Bushido and Dragonball Rebellion for moving to full public status!

Congrats to Commonwealth for making the jump to FPR!

We bid farewell to another public room: the Black Pearl Inn has closed its doors.

We are in the process of changing nameservers for IMC. If you have trouble accessing, or you know someone who does, tell them to use the dotted address for the time being:

We also regret to announce that Lillyth, one of our long time handles staffers, has had to leave us so that she can devote more attention to real life (school and kids).

Please welcome our newest SPR, Commonwealth, aboard. You can find them in the Science Fiction hallway.

Sadly, we must bid goodbye to one of IMC's public rooms-- Aerath has closed its doors.

Please welcome the first public room of 2002, Rolands Cavern!

The New Accounts, Handles, Room Applications and Staff Change Request forms have been reactivated, now that the holiday is over.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us here at IMC!

The new issue (#16) of the Zine, a/k/a Your Guide to the Non-Existent Universe, is now online! This issue features articles and fiction by Dany, Angie, Sass Mun, The Muse, Gline and of course your editor Piet!

Adrian has stepped down from site duties to take care of real-life duties. Lizzard has also chosen to retire her gummi. We wish them the very best!

Please note that we will be turning off the Handles, New Accounts and Gummi Request Forms for the period from December 18 through January 2, so that our SysOps may enjoy the holiday season!

The New Accounts, Handles, Room Applications and Staff Change Request forms have been reactivated, now that the holiday weekend is over.

During Thanksgiving Day, New Accounts, Handles, Staff Change Requests and New Room Applications will be closed. We hope everyone has a pleasant holiday!

SPR Hyrulian has been removed at the host's request. But we welcome two new SPRs Bullets and Brimstone and Imperfect Universe.

Please welcome back SPR Escape_Velocity!

Please welcome the new SPR PokeMon GS!

Please welcome new SPR Super Smash Brothers.

The Room Admin for Marvel Universe have changed the name of the room to Marvel Unleashed. They are also undergoing a homepage move and restructure, so please be patient with them. Bookmarks to the room and their message board will still work.

Search Engine Change. We have switched search engines for handle processing. The New Search Engine is Google. Please make sure you are using this search engine when researching your handle submissions, since this is the engine we will be using to determine source.

Please say good by to FPR Theos City at the owner and host's request. On a good note, please say hello to SPR's Dragonball Rebellion, ER and Roland's Cavern!

The newest issue of the Zine, #15, is live!

Please note that we are also in the process of archiving and revising older issues of the Zine to be more consistently presented. Because of this, some older links may not work at this time. Please bear with us.

As America rebuilds from the terrorist attacks, our attention shifts from dealing with the crisis to ensuring that such a thing will never happen again. Accordingly, the Damage Control room and folder have been shut down.

SPR:The_Arena and public room DragonHold have both been removed at the hosts' requests.

IMC will be hosting an "online vigil" in the Damage Control Room at 7PM EST.

We would like to thank all of you for your help in this time of crisis. Your news, your words of compassion, your fellowship and human decency -- these are the things that will allow all of us to endure.

The Damage Control BBS and chat room will be open for as long as they are needed, and we will continue to give you updates and information as best we can.

Be brave and strong. You are not alone. Our community stands together.

Previous News



If you or anyone you know has been anywhere near the recent tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001, post it here. (If you are posting information about a specific incident, please post information you have confirmed to be reasonably correct.)

We also have a K-rated discussion room, entitled Damage Control, for people to talk about the incident.

A backup forum, thanks to Amichi of Roland's Cavern, has been created here.

Sass Mun is back from her LoA. Please be gentle on her for the first few days back.

Sadly, FPR Twlight: New York has been removed.

Sadly SPR Valendia has been removed at the host's request.

BTW, CrazyMeg is back on duty within the Room Applications, Room Relations, and Staff/Gummi Changes Dept. So please either contact her or Muse, and let Sass have her LOA. New room applications are being processed on a regular basis again, so let's see those ideas!

Congrats to ApocGate for their move from SPR to FPR. Stop by and visit them sometime!

The newest issue of the Zine, Issue 14, is now live! Check it out!

We have just added the new Assistant Staff Gummi to the system. This gummi denotes an assistant to the room staff, or a room staffer in training. If there are any problems with the system that seem to stem from this gummi, notify Genji (thegline@im-chat.com) immediately.

Congratulations to Magic and Muggles, for being moved to full Public Room status; let all people, wizards and muggles alike, rejoice! You can find this room in the 'Fantasy' hallway.

Due to real life issues, Sass Mun is on a partical LoA. New rooms applications will be processed ONLY on Mondays for approximately one month. All other room issue will be handled from her out of town location, or by Muse.

Please welcome Maggie as IMC's newest site administrator. She will be helping Tewson as an admin at large, specializing in Non Profit Organization efforts and Human Resources.

SPR Escape_Velocity has been removed as a SPR upon the host's request to relocate the room to another site. We hope they find a happy home out there somewhere.

IMC is glad to announce we have two new Site Staff Members. Maniac will be joining us in Handles and Registration, and Muse will be joining us in Room Relations and Applications.

It is with great sadness that I announce that WOD Santa Cruz has been removed as a public room. HOWEVER, it is with great joy that I also announce that The Tef has voluntered to help revive the room! Please welcome Tef as the new host of SPR SantaCruz!

Please Welcome two new SPR's! Transformers and Cathemega!

We had a major connectivity problem this morning no thanks to a number of routers nationwide being down. Everything seems to have been resolved at this point.

We regret to announce that SPR's Brandenberg and Shadow Mountain have been removed at the request of their room's administrators. We hope to have them rejoin us some time in the future.

The site administration would like to remind people that Evil-Steve is no longer on the Site Staff and should not be contacted on admin matters.

Please welcome IMC's newest site administrator, Dubbo. He'll be working with Celt and the others in Conflict Mediation and Damage Control.

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of several new rooms to IMC! Please welcome SPR's Escape Velocity, Hidden Universe, Hyrulian, Pepperhill, and Valendia. Also, in the largest jump in IMC history, we are pleased to announce that Magic and Muggles has gone from PR straight to FPR! Congratulations everyone!

Scher is IMC's newest site level administrator, please welcome her aboard! She'll be working with Adrian and the rest of the Handles and Registration crew!

Both New Accounts and Add Handles will be closed for the duration of the Easter holidays so that IMC's admins may enjoy the weekend. Both functions will be open again on Monday, 4/16. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Issue #12 of the Guide to the Non-Existent Universe is now online!

IMC would like to welcome Sass Mun aboard as our newest addition to the site's administration! She will be working on the 'Zine, supplying reviews of gaming resources, and generally helping out wherever needed as a Site Admin At Large!

First of all, we celebrate the move of Theos_City to FPR status! And then we keep celebrating as The_Arena moves to SPR status!

Not only does SPR Calanth move up to FPR (Featured Private Room) status, but we also get to watch as TocTik's Bar & Grill is bumped all the way up to Public Room!

And today is a special day for the patrons of Paradise Island, because they have now moved from SPR to full Public Room status!

Please welcome our newest SPR, Brandenberg!

Today is cleaning day, as several defunct SPRs have been removed from the hallways. Bid goodbye to The Discworld, The Matrix, Realms of the Wheel, Velgarth, and the Wasteland. However, on the opposite end, we say hello to GO refugee TocTick's Bar and Grill!

And Edo Japan has now been removed from the room hallways, as they've graciously completed their move offsite.

With the impending move of Edo Japan, we gladly welcome the new Oriental-based SPR, Rogukan!

Welcome our new SPR, Shadow_Mountain!

Four SPRs make the jump to Public rooms today. Say hello to Alternate DBZ Chat, Legacy, The Lifestream and Reflections of Avalon! And if you don't quite feel like RPing in our new rooms, at least take the time to check out Issue #11 of the Guide to the Non-Existent Universe!

We say goodbye to SPR City of Angels today, but at the same time we welcome the Apocalypse Gate!

Two updates today. First, we bid goodbye to SPR Beast Wars. Secondly, Issue #10 of the Guide to the Non-Existent Universe hits the stands! Or rather, screen.

The first update of the new millenium! And this update consists of the removal of SPRs Middle Earth and New Chicago, as well as long-standing public room Silvermoon Forest. However, on the brighter side, Wildstorm has relaunched as our newest public room The Storm!



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