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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basic IMC information | Filing Formal or Site-Level Complaints

How to register an official complaint against a Site admin or Site Policy.

What's a "site-level complaint"?

A site-level complaint is when you are petitioning the site admins, rather than room hosts, for a redress of grievances.

What are the rules about filing a site-level complaints?

There are four basic rules you must follow when filing a site-level complaint:

1. Go through all other channels first before filing a site-level complaint.

You should always try to work out the problem any other way you can beforehand. For instance, if it's a room host you have a problem with, try talking to the other room staffers before filing a site-level complaint. When you do this, use email to voice your complaints. It gives you time to think out what you want to say; it lets you find a neutral way to say it; it lets the person respond in their own time; and it provides everyone involved with a paper trail. [If you wish to CC: a copy of a complaint to a host to one of the site staff, you are welcome to do so, but let us know ahead of time.]

2. Complaints need to follow some basic stylistic rules.

a. Send all site level complaints in email to the central complaints email box, Complaints (complaints@im-chat.com). Don't send complaints over IM or in PM windows. As in #1 above, email gives us a paper trail. Also, the above email box is monitored by several people, so we can decide who will be able to handle the complaint best and most fairly.

b. Complaints must be specific and concrete. "This host used tactics and language unbecoming of a room host" is a legitimate complaint. "Chatter X won't play with me" is not a valid complaint.

c. Complaints must be accompanied with evidence. This means references to specific incidents, specific times and dates, or copies of chat logs that illustrate the complaint in question. No evidence means that your complaint will be that much more difficult to assess.

d. Complaints about activity in other venues should be avoided.  We only have the power to deal with what happens on IMC, and we will not investigate things that don't happen on IMC.  If you are being harassed on another site or service, we cannot deal with it here.  If you are being harassed in real life, call the police.

3. Once a complaint has been filed, please be patient.

It may take several days to two weeks, or longer, to assess a complaint.  We will contact you about the results of our findings, or ask you for additional information if needed.

4. Filing an official complaint against a Site admin, a Site policy or a Host is a court of last resort.

Any decisions made by the Syops are final and will not be reconsidered on appeal.  (This is one of the single biggest reasons you should not do this unless you feel you have no other recourse, since people have mistakenly felt they could appeal to the sysops to change the rules in their favor.)

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