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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ | SysOp Contact List [Click to see summary view]

Have a problem, but don't know who to contact? This should shine some light on the subject. Please keep in mind that SysOps on Leave of Absence (LoA) should not be contacted, and someone else within each department will be glad to help you.

When contacting any sysop, email is always the best way to get results on a matter, and in some cases Email is the only acceptable way to contact a SysOp or Site Staffer. Do not contact us by AIM or ICQ unless it is an urgent problem (such as a breach of site security). Please do not contact a sysop who is on LoA.

Design and Graphics
Have site design ideas or need to report something that isn't linking correctly? Email Genji (thegline@im-chat.com).

Technical Problems?

Come up across a glitch in the system? Have a problem with something not working? Email Genji (thegline@im-chat.com) with the subject Bug Report. Check the Forum and the Known Bugs List to make sure it isn't already a known bug that is being worked on first, though.

Problem With another User?

Got harrassment (that isn't helped through the Ignore function), know someone who was banned but got back on, or any other problem with another user? Contact one of the Conflict Mediation & Damage Control folks. That would be Kit (kit@im-chat.com).


Have an appeal for something releated to bannings, suspension, or things of that nature? Kit (kit@im-chat.com) is who you need to contact.

Have a handles appeal? Genji (thegline@im-chat.com) is the one to contact.

Room Matters

What do you do about Room Applications, a problem with a room, or changes to Staff? Radar (jenniferwylie@yahoo.com)

Becoming Site Staff

Want to donate your time and energy to the Site? Kit (kit@im-chat.com) is the head of Human Relations. Contact her, and she'll tell you if we have any available openings for another person on board.

About SysOp duties

The most important thing to remember about the staff of this site is that we're here on an unpaid, purely volunteer basis. We're roleplayers who want to do this for fellow purveyors of our hobby, not a corporation doing this for money. When you approach us, try and remember that we do what we do out of a love of the hobby, and not for any recompense or remuneration.

We will always answer polite requests. Sometimes the answer will be "not yet," or even "no," but understand that we do not deny reasonable requests arbitrarily, and will explain these decisions when asked.

Some of the things we can (and will) do:

  • Work on glitches in the code.
  • Make new rooms.
  • Socialize, even RP.
  • Delete inactive rooms, if necessary.
  • Ban people site-wide.
  • Support our chatters with advice.
  • Give people logins and original-character handles.

Some things we can't do:

  • Arbitrarily decide to ban people. We have to have good reason (outlined by the three rules), with precedent, and the majority of the SysOps have to agree on the decision.
  • Arbitrarily delete rooms. We have to have good reason (outlined by the three rules), with precedent, and the majority of the SysOps have to agree on the decision.

What we are, in the end:

Responsible to the chatters. The chatters are responsible to the staff, who are responsible to the host/room mods of each room. The room hosts are responsible to us, and we're back to the beginning. We are responsible to you. To all of you. Because hosts, staff, and sysops all are also chatters.

We are NOT, however, responsible to advertisers. We don't have any!

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