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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC Information Central

An overview of all the most important IMC information.

FAQ | Basic IMC information [Click to expand]

The skinny on IMC.
What is IMC?: A quick introduction to IMC's mission parameters.
Registering with IMC and IMC Accounts: How to make an IMC account.
Terms of Service and Disciplinary Actions: Details about IMC's Terms of Service and what they mean.
Using IMC: Basic information on navigating around IMC.
Handles: On adding, removing, and managing handles (character names).
Hosts: Details about Room Hosts, a/k/a moderators.
Chain of Responsibility: The difference between room matters and site matters. Who things should go to and why.
Filing Formal or Site-Level Complaints: How to register an official complaint against a Site admin or Site Policy.
Room ratings: A detailed guide to the IMC room ratings.
Picture Regulations: What we do and do not require on a site level.
Clear OOC Indicators: Why these are required and what they constitute.
Cyberstalking: What it is and what you can do about it on IMC.
Privacy Notice: A few words about our privacy policy.
Conference Transcripts: Transcripts of prior IMC Conferences.

FAQ | IMC User's Manual [Click to expand]

A step-by-step guide to using IMC's chat services.
Logging In and Entering Rooms: How to enter a particular room.
Public Vs. Private Rooms: The difference between "public" and "private" chatrooms.
No Frames: The simplest IMC user mode.
Frames: The most commonly-used user mode.
Streaming and Detached Streaming: The most advanced user mode.
New Streaming: A variant of Streaming that may be more versatile for some people.
The Formatting of a Post: The components of a post in a room.
Tear-Offs: Additional editing and reading options for posts after they've been made to a room.
How to Mark Up Tags and Posts with HTML: Using HTML properly in posts.
Gummis: Those weird little things next to your name.
Posting To A Room: How to compose and send a post to a room.
Fast Access Keys: Buttons to make posting in a room faster.
Private Messages (PMs) and the PM Panel: Sending and receiving private messages.
The Attributes Panel: The place where most of your user attributes are stored.
The Who's On Panel: Find out who else is around.
Using the RP Logging / Recording Function: Save your RP for later.
The Dice Panel: Rolling dice in a room.
The Launchbar: Quick access to common in-room functions.
Jump Menu, Logout, Bookmark This Link: Other in-room controls.
System Messages: What those big yellow announcements are.
Where'd all the posts go?: Where posts go to die.
The IMC Forum: An overview of the IMC Forum, or "BBS."

FAQ | The /USERS Section [Click to expand]

How to use the many user-level utilities in IMC.
System Information: Who's On, etc.
Your Account Information: Key user data (email, password, etc.)
Handles: Change pictures, tags, markup, make handle lists, etc.
Room and Site Presentation: Send Panel options, presentation options
User Profile Page: See your own profile.
User Blocking: Ignore/unignore people and images.
Character utilities / Character sheets: As used by rooms that require character sheets.
Image utilities: Upload and manage user images.
Download RP Logs: Retrieve logs of prior RPs.
Manage Invite-Only PRs: Private rooms for you and friends only!
Vote XP: Reward good roleplay with experience, in supported rooms.
IMC Notepad: Write down that great idea before you forget!

FAQ | New Communities / Chat Rooms [Click to expand]

How to create and apply for new communities or chat rooms in IMC.
How do we set up a new chat room on IMC?: Here are the guidelines and other important information to get your new community started on IMC.
What is the difference between a PR, SPR , FPR and a public room?:
What sort of rooms get approved for SPR, FPR and public?:
What sort of rooms don't get accepted?:
Requirements for all supported rooms on IMC:
What does 'chatter in good standing' mean?: (or who is acceptable for what room positions)
Give and Take of becoming a Public Room on IMC: What are the tradeoffs of being a public room vs. a private one?
Promoting your room:
How to create a jump to your private room: (so others can access it easily with a bookmark)

FAQ | Roleplaying Online [Click to expand]

Some Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers compiled and written by Your Very Own Guide to the Non-Existent Universe, Pieter van Hiel.
I came here because I thought it was a chat site... but everyone is acting weird. What's going on?
Is role-playing Satanic or something? I hear a lot of weirdoes play.
Okay. I think understand. So, can I go play?
So... I have a handle, and I've talked to the room host. Am I ready to go?
Hey, I've been gaming offline for years. What difference can I expect?
I got in a fight with some guy, and he won't die, even though I have a more powerful handle!
There's some guy ruining the role-play for everyone! He types in all CAPS and keeps trying to do impossible things! What do I do?
No one will role-play with me. Am I an unlovable worm?
I'm meeting my vampire lover offline... should I let him drink my blood on the first date?
My son/daughter/whatever wants to play online, but I'm worried. Are these games addictive?

FAQ | SysOp Contact List [Click to expand]

Have a problem, but don't know who to contact? This should shine some light on the subject. Please keep in mind that SysOps on Leave of Absence (LoA) should not be contacted, and someone else within each department will be glad to help you.
Design and Graphics: Who's responsible for the site's look-and-feel.
Technical Problems?: Having a Technical problem with IMC?
Problem With another User?: Having problems with another user, or rule violations?
Appeals: Who to go to in the event of a banning or suspension.
Room Matters: Who to talk to about setting up or managing a room.
Becoming Site Staff: Interested in donating time, effort or money?
About SysOp duties: What the SysOps do and don't do.

FAQ | Known Bugs in IMC [Click to expand]

A list of all known bugs or unxpected behaviors in IMC which are currently known about.
Important: What to do if you find a bug?: Don't kill it yourself :)
You receive a "Validation of Viewstate MAC failed" error.:
A given user cannot connect to IMC at all, while other users seem to connect just fine.:
Attributes Panel doesn't work in IE, even when I allow popups from IMC.:
Accelerator keys do not work in Firefox 2.0 and higher.:
About overlapping tags:
Entering a room with an IE bookmark causes all of the posts from the beginning of the day to be displayed.:

FAQ | Supporting IMC [Click to expand]

Contributing to IMC
Contributing to IMC: How to support IMC through donations.
IMC's Code: A few words about the code used to run IMC.

FAQ | News [Click to expand]

What's new (and old!) in the world of IMC.
Current Site News: News within the last month or so.
Previous News: Archive of older articles.

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