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If you or anyone you know has been anywhere near the recent tragic events that took place on September 11, 2001, post it here. (If you are posting information about a specific incident, please post information you have confirmed to be reasonably correct.)

We also have a K-rated discussion room, entitled Damage Control, for people to talk about the incident.

A backup forum, thanks to Amichi of Roland's Cavern, has been created here.

Sass Mun is back from her LoA. Please be gentle on her for the first few days back.

Sadly, FPR Twlight: New York has been removed.

Sadly SPR Valendia has been removed at the host's request.

BTW, CrazyMeg is back on duty within the Room Applications, Room Relations, and Staff/Gummi Changes Dept. So please either contact her or Muse, and let Sass have her LOA. New room applications are being processed on a regular basis again, so let's see those ideas!

Congrats to ApocGate for their move from SPR to FPR. Stop by and visit them sometime!

The newest issue of the Zine, Issue 14, is now live! Check it out!

We have just added the new Assistant Staff Gummi to the system. This gummi denotes an assistant to the room staff, or a room staffer in training. If there are any problems with the system that seem to stem from this gummi, notify Genji (thegline@im-chat.com) immediately.

Congratulations to Magic and Muggles, for being moved to full Public Room status; let all people, wizards and muggles alike, rejoice! You can find this room in the 'Fantasy' hallway.

Due to real life issues, Sass Mun is on a partical LoA. New rooms applications will be processed ONLY on Mondays for approximately one month. All other room issue will be handled from her out of town location, or by Muse.

Please welcome Maggie as IMC's newest site administrator. She will be helping Tewson as an admin at large, specializing in Non Profit Organization efforts and Human Resources.

SPR Escape_Velocity has been removed as a SPR upon the host's request to relocate the room to another site. We hope they find a happy home out there somewhere.

IMC is glad to announce we have two new Site Staff Members. Maniac will be joining us in Handles and Registration, and Muse will be joining us in Room Relations and Applications.

It is with great sadness that I announce that WOD Santa Cruz has been removed as a public room. HOWEVER, it is with great joy that I also announce that The Tef has voluntered to help revive the room! Please welcome Tef as the new host of SPR SantaCruz!

Please Welcome two new SPR's! Transformers and Cathemega!

We had a major connectivity problem this morning no thanks to a number of routers nationwide being down. Everything seems to have been resolved at this point.

We regret to announce that SPR's Brandenberg and Shadow Mountain have been removed at the request of their room's administrators. We hope to have them rejoin us some time in the future.

The site administration would like to remind people that Evil-Steve is no longer on the Site Staff and should not be contacted on admin matters.

Please welcome IMC's newest site administrator, Dubbo. He'll be working with Celt and the others in Conflict Mediation and Damage Control.

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of several new rooms to IMC! Please welcome SPR's Escape Velocity, Hidden Universe, Hyrulian, Pepperhill, and Valendia. Also, in the largest jump in IMC history, we are pleased to announce that Magic and Muggles has gone from PR straight to FPR! Congratulations everyone!

Scher is IMC's newest site level administrator, please welcome her aboard! She'll be working with Adrian and the rest of the Handles and Registration crew!

Both New Accounts and Add Handles will be closed for the duration of the Easter holidays so that IMC's admins may enjoy the weekend. Both functions will be open again on Monday, 4/16. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Issue #12 of the Guide to the Non-Existent Universe is now online!

IMC would like to welcome Sass Mun aboard as our newest addition to the site's administration! She will be working on the 'Zine, supplying reviews of gaming resources, and generally helping out wherever needed as a Site Admin At Large!

First of all, we celebrate the move of Theos_City to FPR status! And then we keep celebrating as The_Arena moves to SPR status!

Not only does SPR Calanth move up to FPR (Featured Private Room) status, but we also get to watch as TocTik's Bar & Grill is bumped all the way up to Public Room!

And today is a special day for the patrons of Paradise Island, because they have now moved from SPR to full Public Room status!

Please welcome our newest SPR, Brandenberg!

Today is cleaning day, as several defunct SPRs have been removed from the hallways. Bid goodbye to The Discworld, The Matrix, Realms of the Wheel, Velgarth, and the Wasteland. However, on the opposite end, we say hello to GO refugee TocTick's Bar and Grill!

And Edo Japan has now been removed from the room hallways, as they've graciously completed their move offsite.

With the impending move of Edo Japan, we gladly welcome the new Oriental-based SPR, Rogukan!

Welcome our new SPR, Shadow_Mountain!

Four SPRs make the jump to Public rooms today. Say hello to Alternate DBZ Chat, Legacy, The Lifestream and Reflections of Avalon! And if you don't quite feel like RPing in our new rooms, at least take the time to check out Issue #11 of the Guide to the Non-Existent Universe!

We say goodbye to SPR City of Angels today, but at the same time we welcome the Apocalypse Gate!

Two updates today. First, we bid goodbye to SPR Beast Wars. Secondly, Issue #10 of the Guide to the Non-Existent Universe hits the stands! Or rather, screen.

The first update of the new millenium! And this update consists of the removal of SPRs Middle Earth and New Chicago, as well as long-standing public room Silvermoon Forest. However, on the brighter side, Wildstorm has relaunched as our newest public room The Storm!



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