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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The /USERS Section | Download RP Logs

Retrieve logs of prior RPs.

You can download logs of RP that you have recorded using the Record function in the Who's On panel.

Click on the name of the log to open a copy of the log in a new window. This will open a copy of the log with HTML tags intact (so it can be pasted to a message board properly), and with all OOC posts filtered out. At the top of the page with the log, there are several clickable options that let you toggle HTML and OOC views, as well as turn off the controls completely (for fast copying).

A note about the OOC filter: Right now, the filter will only remove posts that have a (( and a )) at the beginning and end of the post -- i.e., the standard OOC format generated when you select the "OOC" box from the post panel. Later, it may become possible for the OOC filter to work more intelligently, but this is still a ways off.

If you want to download multiple logs at once, check off the names of each log and click View. This will generate a report with multiple logs aggregated into a single form, along with clickable navigation links.

The "Pause", "Resume" and "Close" buttons work the same as their counterparts in the Record view of Who's On. You can check off one or more logs to perform these actions on. Also, a closed log can be put back into pause mode or restarted from this view.

Clicking on "Log name", "Date opened", "Room" or "Status" will sort the list by those criteria, respectively.

Click "Delete" to completely remove one or more selected log from the list. This action cannot be undone, so use it carefully.

All logs are closed after 14 days and deleted after 90 days. If a log is in danger of being deleted, it will be highlighted in orange, and a warning will appear at the top of the page.

Spurious posts in a log can be "yanked" out of the body of the log by clicking on the time/date stamp for the post.  These posts are then moved into a special section after the end of the log itself.  If you yank the wrong post, you can always restore it by clicking its time/date stamp again.  This is useful if you have double posts, OOC comments that didn't filter correctly, etc.

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