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The /USERS Section | Image utilities

Upload and manage user images.

This article has a visual demonstration. You'll need the Flash plugin to view it.

The image utilities allow you to upload images for use on IMC as character images. Regular users can upload up to 1 megabyte of images into the image manager. Donors and people with room host privileges can upload up to 10 megabytes.

The "thumbnail mode" version of the uploader shows all the images currently uploaded in one page. The images shown have been downsampled and resized, so they may be a little blurrier than the real thing; this isn't a malfunction. Each image can be up to 64K in size.

Note that images with the same filename as a previous one may not show up correctly at first due to caching. For that reason, you may want to upload different versions of the same images with a new filename.

Once a file has been successfully uploaded, you can link it directly to a handle if you've posted with a particular handle in a room today, or manually select a handle you haven't posted with.

The "Group images with this handle" option in Thumbnail View lets you group checked images with a specific handle, so that you can see only the images for that handle in the viewer when you click on a handle name, rather than all in one view. This should improve loading time and also helps make the images easier to keep track of.

When you group images by handle, the images grouped to that handle appear first in the drop-down list of images available from that handle's Attributes panel.

If you want to select images for handles directly in a room, you can use the Image Strip feature, which is found in the Launchbar. This adds a link to your Launchbar labeled Imgstrip; click it and you'll see a list of all the available images for the last handle posted to the room (or the default handle if you posted nothing yet). The selected image will have a checkmark imposed over it. Click the "[X]" on the Launchbar to close the Image Strip.

If you want to browse images by the currently-selected handle in your handle box rather than what you've posted with, use Image Strip (from handle)

To rename pictures (in thumbnail mode only for now), type the new name for the picture you want to change in the text box directly below the image and click Rename. You can do this for more than one image at a time, and you'll receive confirmations (or warnings) about each image as they are renamed. Note that when you rename an image that is in use by a handle, the system will make a "best guess" attempt to rename the image in the handle reference as well so it doesn't break. (This is regardless of whether the image is grouped with the handle or not; just if a handle is referring to that particular image.)

If you want to upload a reference to a remotely-hosted image -- that is, an image on another server -- use the "Link in a reference to an externally-hosted image" box at the bottom of the page.  Paste the URL of the image you want to use in that box, and then click "Link".  The linked image will then be handled like an uploaded image.  Note that linked images cannot be more than 64K in runlength or they will not show up.

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