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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The /USERS Section | Character utilities / Character sheets

As used by rooms that require character sheets.

This subsection allows you to create and manage character sheets for rooms that support this feature. Rooms that do use character sheets will have a list of templates, or blank sheets. To create a new character based on one of those templates, click on the template name and a new sheet named "Untitled" will appear in the list of sheets you have.

Clicking the name of the sheet itself will bring you to the editing page for that sheet. As every template is different, the exact process for how to fill in the sheet will vary. Contact the host of the room in question for more details.

The Preview link for each sheet will display what the sheet looks like when it's linked to a character handle. Clicking Delete will remove the sheet entirely.

If a sheet is linked to a handle, there will be a notice of this in the entry for the sheet.

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