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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The /USERS Section | Room and Site Presentation

Send Panel options, presentation options

This section lets you control how IMC appears to you.

Custom OOC
When posts are made with the Out Of Character (OOC) checkbox enabled, they're formatted differently from regular posts. Typically, they have (( and )) marks placed in front of and behind the text of the post.

If you'd rather have a different set of OOC marks displayed for yourself, you can set them here. Note that you may not see the new choice of OOC marks until you refresh the room you're in, and that OOC marks are always displayed as (( and )) in logs for consistency.

Change your forum settings

This allows you to change how the IMC Forum, or BBS, is presented to you.

Showing threads expanded will allow you to see all of the posts attached to a top-level post (referred to as a "thread") on the message baords. This allows you to see all the messages in a thread at a glance, but can look cluttered. The "collapsed" view simply shows the top level posts for each thread.

If you want to show pinned messages as collapsed by default, check the box labeled "Show pinned messages as collapsed." This may help save some screen space on forums where there are a lot of pinned messages, or where there are pinned messages with many sub-messages.

You can select whether or not you want to be alerted in email if someone responds either to a post you've made or a thread you've started.

You can also select where you want the forum navigation controls to appear: at the top of the page, or inset at the side in a box. Some people prefer the box view as it is more compact.

Change your Who's On settings

This allows you to control the timeout interval for Who's On -- allowing you to see people who have made posts in rooms in the last five, ten or fifteen minutes.

Change your Send Panel options.

This lets you change how your Send Panel, in rooms, is presented. A number of options are available:

Place a character counter in the Send panel: This gives you an idea of how many characters you have left when typing. Since the limit for posts is 4,000 characters, this comes in handy for people who like to cut and paste posts made in an external editor. Note that the character counter has a small limitation involving pasted text: until you actually press and release a key in the text field, the character counter isn't updated.

Lock the handle list to keep handles from changing spontaneously: When engaged, this causes the handle list to "lock", or keep from being edited, until unlocked. A small icon of a lock, along with a checkbox, will appear in the Send Panel when this is engaged. To disable it, press Alt-L or click on the checkbox. Note that when you post, the lock is re-engaged.

Place OOC handles first in your handle lists: This causes all handles marked as OOC to be placed first in a handle list. This way you can find them quickly, by simply hitting the Home key or scrolling to the top of the list when the handle list drop-down is selected.

Determine which handle you most recently used in a room by checking the posts you made in the room: When this is selected, the handle list will attempt to select whichever handle you posted with last in a room whenever you re-enter a room. If you constantly get disconnected in the middle of a scene and don't want to manually re-select the handle you were just using, try this option.

Enable the "Preview" button (Alt-P) in the Send panel. This lets you place a "Preview" button in the Send panel. When clicked, it pops up a window that shows a formatted version of your post before you send it, which can help you determine if you've made a formatting or spelling mistake. You can also summon the window by pressing Alt-P, in browsers that support the Alt keybindings.

Enable "tear-offs."  This turns the post number (shown at the right-hand side of the gray bar above a post) into a clickable link.  When clicked, the post in question can be popped up as a stand-alone window -- a "tear-off".

Tear-offs have a number of other functions:

  • Check for next post.  This function lets you determine if another post has been made by the same handle since that tear-off was opened or last updated.
  • Auto: Same as "Check for next post" except that it will automatically check once every minute for another post from the same handle.
  • First post: Goes back to the first post made with that handle in the room before the room was last reset.
  • Prev. post: Goes to the previous post made with that handle in the room.
  • OOC/All / IC Only / Log: Constrains the above checks to either IC-only posts or both OOC/IC posts, or posts made to the log that is currently being used to record posts from that handle.  Note that this will only screen OOC posts if they are being made using the OOC checkbox.

These tear-off functions are only available for posts you have made:

  • Flip OOC/IC: Reverses the IC/OOC marker for a given post.  If you accidentally post something as OOC, you can switch it to IC, and vice versa.
  • Shift post to other hande: Lets you move the post in question to another handle you own.  Logs should also update automatically.
  • Yank from log [logname]: Pulls the post in question from the body of the named log.  (This action can be undone if you open the log in question in the log viewer.)

Enable post recovery. Many people have complained about being in the middle of typing a post only to have the whole thing eaten by a browser crash. When enabled, this option saves posts-in-progress to a local cookie on your browser. If the browser is closed or crashes before you can post, the next time you open the room the post will be recreated for you. Each room you visit (including PRs) gets their posts saved separately. An asterisk (*) will appear in the "Send/Update" button when the post you're typing is currently logged.

Change your streaming settings

This allows you to control a number of Streaming settings, including how aggressively Streaming attempts to keep alive the connection with your web browser. People who are behind firewalls or who use some varieties of browser may need to set this to a very aggressive setting (10 seconds) to make Streaming work correctly. Some people can get away with using the 60-second setting. For more information on problems with Streaming, see the Known Bugs section of the FAQ.

The "Print a 'heartbeat' pattern" option turns on a function originally used for debugging Streaming: in between posts, a series of dots will print periodically as a way to show that Streaming is still alive and well. If you sometimes wonder whether Streaming is still alive in a room, turn this option on; it can also be used as a way to help the sysops troubleshoot Stremaing with a particular system.

If the regular version of Streaming (and Detached Streaming) doesn't seem to be well-behaved, you can try using a different version of Streaming, called -- appropriately enough -- New Streaming.

When you enter Streaming using the new mode, you'll notice a green "LED"-style indicator in your Send Panel that occasionally flickers red. This indicates connectivity with the site. If the light turns red and stays red, that means you've lost connectivity. Don't reload the browser -- the system will re-establish contact on its own and pick up where you left off.

New Streaming works best in IE6+, Firefox 1.5+ and other comparable browsers. It has been partially tested in Opera and found to be functional, but has not been tested in anything else yet. (Note: If you are using FF 1.1, upgrade to 1.5 or better as soon as possible as there are many fixes. New Streaming does not work in 1.1.)

If you select "Start scrolling the window automatically", rooms will being scrolling automatically on load rather than on demand.

Change the alignment of images in rooms

This lets you control how images are aligned in rooms --either to the left or to the right. This is purely an aesthetic decision and doesn't affect the functionality of IMC in any way.

Change your room launchbar settings

The launchbar is the gray bar that appears in Frames and Streaming, between the area where you make your posts and the area where the posts appear. In No Frames, it appears below the post panel.

This bar can be customized to contain links to commonly-accessed parts of IMC. If you have no customization for the launchbar, a set of commonly-used links will appear there by default.

To add an item to the list, select it from the drop-down and click Go. To move the items around in the list, click "Up" or "Dn" next to each item to move it either up or down. To remove one or more items entirely, select the checkboxes next to the items in question and click on the Delete button.

Note that not all commands are available in all modes. For instance, the auto-scroll functions won't show up in Frames. Also note that you'll need to refresh any windows that are currently open to rooms before the changes will show up.

Here's a rundown of all the functions currently available from the Launchbar:

  • Scroll Back | Scroll | Scroll Fast | Stop Scrolling: Controls the scrolling behavior of the main window in Streaming mode. The (no click) versions of these controls do not require that you click on the links to work; you can simply wave the mouse over them.
  • Who's On | Who's On (Sitewide) | Who's On (Sitewide, In Rooms): Opens the Who's On window in the desired mode. You can always switch between these three modes for Who's On when the window is open, but this allows you to choose which version of the window you want to open by default.
  • RP Log: Opens the Who's On window in logging mode.
  • Jump: Opens the room-jump menu.
  • Bookmark This Link: Allows you to bookmark entry into a given room. This function is no longer really needed since it's now possible to bookmark directly into a room no matter what, but it's being maintained for the sake of backwards compatibility.
  • Logout: Log out from the site completely.
  • Room Doorway: Go back to the doorway for the current room.
  • Home: Go back to the top of the site (although remain logged in).
  • Site BBS: Opens the sitewide message board. The (Separate Window) version of this link will open themessage board in another browser.
  • Room BBS: Opens the message board for this particular room. The (Separate Window) version of this link will open the message board in another browser.
  • To Streaming | Detached Streaming | No Frames | Frames: Switches you automatically to the selected room mode. Note that if you are already in that mode, the link in question will not appear (i.e., if you add "To Streaming" to your Launchbar and you're in Streaming, you won't see it).
  • Users Section: Jumps to the Users section of the site.
  • Gummi Control: Jumps to the subsection of the Users section that lets you toggle or edit your room-gummi properties.
  • Handle Editor: Jumps to the subsection of the Users section that lets you control your handles.
  • Image Uploader: Jumps to the subsection of the Users section that lets you upload images for use with your account. The (from handle) version of this link will let you immediately upload images that are grouped with the currently-selected handle. The (thumbnail mode) version of this link lets you go directly to the Thumbnail View version of the Image Uploader (recommended).
  • Image Strip: Lets you open and close a strip right above the Launchbar where you can see all the images (uploaded through the Image Uploader) grouped to a particular handle. Click on a particular image to assign that image to the handle. The (from handle) version of this link (recommended) lets you open an Image Strip for the currently-selected handle. The "[X]" next to the Image Strip link will close the Image Strip when you don't need it. [There is a visual demonstrationof this feature available. You'll need the Flash plugin to view it.]
  • Character Sheet Editor: Opens the Character Sheet Editor function found in the Users section.
  • Notepad: Opens the Notepad function found in the Users section.
  • Hosts Panel: Jumps to the Host Panel for the current room. Note that if you are not a host, this will not show up.
  • Character List: Opens the Character List function found in the Users section, which lets you create lists of characters for the room you're in (or any other room).
  • Reopen Detached Panel: If you like to use the detached Send panel found in Detached Streaming in other room modes, you can add this link to the Launchbar. The link shows up as an "[O]". When clicked, it opens a version of the detached Send panel which functions alongside the main Send panel. You can use this to post from, say, an IC handle and an OOC handle at the same time.
  • Private Message: Click this to set the Post panel in "Private Message" mode, rather than clicking on someone's gummi to open a separate window.
  • Handle List: Opens the the Handle List function in the Users section, which lets you set custom lists of handles for each room. The currently-selected room will be the default for editing when you do this.

Enable/disable No Frills.

No Frills is a special mode which, when enabled, turns off images and makes the site easier to access on PDAs or slow computers.

Enable/disable room color themes

This allows you to control if you see color themes for rooms as assigned by the room host. If you would rather assign your own color themes to a room, you can do so through this interface.

Block Other User's Font Formatting

This option option turns off other people's font, color and formatting choices in tags and posts. (This only applies to posts in rooms.)

This setting is non-destructive. It doesn't actually rewrite other people's posts; it just changes the way they're presented to you. If you make posts yourself with formatting, they will also be suppressed unless you turn this option off.

Bold and italic markup are not affected by this option.

URL / Hotlink formatting

This lets you modify the format of hotlinks, or URLs, when shown in posts to rooms or on message boards. This will change the way all such links are presented to you only; other people may have this set differently.

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