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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Handles | Create lists of handles for specific rooms

This feature, also known as "Handle Lists", lets you allow only certain handles to appear in your handle list when you enter a certain room. (Note that disabling a handle makes it unavailable in all handle lists as well.)

To create a new list for a room, simply select the name of the room from the dropdown and click Go. You will then be prompted to choose which handles you want to add to that list.

To delete a list permanently, click the X next to the room name.

When editing a list, if you want to temporarily disable a handle in the list (but keep it in the list, just not have it show up in your post box), check the boxes next to the handle names to hide and click "Toggle" to disable them. Do the same thing to re-enable them.

To select a given handle as your default choice for that room list, click on the number to the left of the handle in the list. If the number's not clickable, that means the handle's either disabled (if it's at the top of the form), or it hasn't actually been added to your list of useable handles yet.

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