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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basic IMC information | Room ratings

A detailed guide to the IMC room ratings.

You'll notice that every chat room has an rating icon at the doorway as you enter. Here's a summary of what those icons mean:

This rating would cover things like Harry Potter, Buckaroo Banzai, Yu-Gi-Oh (the uncensored version), Final Fantasy, most PG-rated Hollywood films, and Robotech. There is no extreme or explicit content but there may be some mature themes (marriage/divorce, for instance, rather than sexuality per se), and low-key violence (property destruction or injuries that may result in death later). The language of these rooms might include mild swearing ('damn', 'hell', 'ass').

This would cover rooms like X-Files, the X-Men films, Dune, most non-hentai anime, most PG-13 Hollywood action movies (like Jackie Chan films), The Lord of the Rings, the James Bond films, and so on. This rating would cover more mature themes like non-explicit sexual situations (characters can be described as being gay or lesbian, for instance) and moderate violence (including actual killing), but doesn't have the language or graphic nature of M-rated rooms. There can be references to things normally contained by the M rating, but they cannot be explicitly delineated. The language of these rooms might include mild-to-strong swearing, but not full-blown four-letter language.

Any room with an M rating is for mature chatters. The only guide to the content for these rooms is whatever standards the community itself sets -- so please check the homepages for these communities first. Content of these rooms may (but not necessarily) include extreme language, violence, sexual situations, and references to illegal activities, drug, and alcohol use. Some thematic examples are Blade (the films), the anime Akira, the World of Darkness roleplaying games, and most R-rated Hollywood action movies. This is the only rating where four-letter language is permissible in the room (the "Seven Dirty Words").

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