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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The /USERS Section | Handles

Change pictures, tags, markup, make handle lists, etc.

Enable/disable handles
This lets you enable or disable handles. A disabled handle is still active in your account, but is not displayed in the drop-down list of handles in a room. You can also edit a handle's attributes from here by clicking on the handle name. The thumbnail mode view allows you to show all available handles as images.

Edit handles

The Edit Handles page for a particular handle lets you change that handle's properties -- its tags (the markup that appears with it), whether or not an image or a link URL is assigned to it, and so on.

"Handle enabled in main list"
When unchecked, this option lets you hide a handle from appearing in your main handle list (the handle list that appears when you don't have a room-specific handle list set up.

Pre-handle tag
This is the text that appears before your handle in a room. This text can be up to 255 characters in length, including whatever HTML markup is permissible.

Post-handle tag
This is the text that appears after your handle in a room. This text can be up to 255 characters in length, including whatever HTML markup is permissible.

This is the parenthetical text that appears after your post-handle tag. This can be used to hold things like location identifiers, quick character stats, and so on.

Image URL
This is a URL, either local or global, for an image that will appear with your handle when it's posted in a room. If you have images uploaded to the local image hosting system, you can select from those images by choosing a filename from the dropdown directly below. (You can also assign images to handles from within the image manager.)

Please note that if you are linking to an image hosted somewhere other than IMC, that image host must support "remote linking" for images -- i.e., they need to explicitly allow you to show an image on a site that's not theirs. Some image hosts that do not allow this are pre-blocked in our system, such as GeoCities.

Handle Link URL
This is a URL, again either global or local, that is linked from this handle in rooms. Most of the time you'll use this to link a character sheet. (If you're using IMC's character sheet generator, you can link sheets to handles from within that system.)

Pre-Text Font Control Tag
This allows you to specify HTML FONT instructions for the body of your posts made from this handle. For instance, if you wanted to mark up your posts so they looked like they were modified by this FONT command:

<FONT FACE='Tahoma' SIZE='3'>

you'd enter

FACE='Tahoma' SIZE='3'

into that field. In short, you'd enter the attributes for the FONT tag without actually using the FONT tag itself.

Tag library
When editing a handle's attributes, you can copy out or paste in tags from the handle into or from what is called the Tag Library. The Tag Library lets you store and retrieve single or multiple tags, allowing you to quickly modify a handle without having to type things in or cut and paste. By unchecking or checking the appropriate boxes, you can copy tags selectively into the tag library -- for instance, if you want to create a library entry that is nothing but the handle image, uncheck everything except for "Image URL," type a descriptive name in the tag name box, and click Copy Tags. Note that you cannot yet paste tags selectively by unchecking boxes; the tags are always pasted as they were copied.

Create lists of handles for specific rooms

This feature, also known as "Handle Lists", lets you allow only certain handles to appear in your handle list when you enter a certain room. (Note that disabling a handle makes it unavailable in all handle lists as well.)

To create a new list for a room, simply select the name of the room from the dropdown and click Go. You will then be prompted to choose which handles you want to add to that list.

To delete a list permanently, click the X next to the room name.

When editing a list, if you want to temporarily disable a handle in the list (but keep it in the list, just not have it show up in your post box), check the boxes next to the handle names to hide and click "Toggle" to disable them. Do the same thing to re-enable them.

To select a given handle as your default choice for that room list, click on the number to the left of the handle in the list. If the number's not clickable, that means the handle's either disabled (if it's at the top of the form), or it hasn't actually been added to your list of useable handles yet.

Character Gallery

The Character Gallery lets you create lists of commonly-played characters for specific rooms, so that a prospective player can simply click on a link in your user profile and see them all in detail for himself.

The Gallery works by handle, rather than character sheet, since there are many rooms that might not use character sheets (and many PRs don't use them at all).

You can add handles to the gallery in a number of ways:

  • Add individually.  To do this, select a room from the dropdown at the top of the page, check off the handles to add in the left-hand column, and click Add.  This will group the selected handles by the room you've chosen.
  • Add by handle list.  If you already have a handle list built for a given room, you can select that list from the other drop-down and click Copy to add all the handles in that list en masse.  If you select a list and click Clear, all of the handles in that list that are in your gallery will be removed from the gallery.

To remove handles from the gallery individually, check them off and click Remove.

If you click the Edit button, text fields will appear for each handle in the gallery.  You can add a "blurb", a short description of up to 255 characters, that other people can read to get an understanding of your character.

To see what your gallery looks like, click "Preview Character Gallery" at the top of the page.  The Gallery is accessible from a link at the top of everyone's User Profile page.

Note that you cannot add a handle to more than one room in this view.  This is due to a number of limitations that makes this difficult to implement at this time.  However, if you want to list a given handle as being used in more than one room, you can simulate this by adding that handle to a nonexistent PR (with a name such as multi) and adding a blurb to it that describes where it's used and why.

Add handles to your account

Go here to submit a request to add handles to your account. Please remember that handle submissions have to be reviewed according to our handle processing guidelines.

Permanently remove handles from your account

This lets you hard delete a handle (and all of its tags) from your account. Note that if you've posted with a handle in the last 24 hours, there is a chance it may not be deleted. Please make sure you've waited 24 hours from posting with a handle before deleting it.

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