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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The /USERS Section | Your Account Information

Key user data (email, password, etc.)

This section lets you view and change information about your IMC account.

Edit User Blurb
This lets you provide a "blurb" or short descriptive phrase (max. 1000 characters) which will be displayed on your user profile page. HTML will be auto-converted.

Note: This information will be visible to everyone regardless of their Friends status.

Change the email address used to identify your account

This lets you review and edit the email address you use for your IMC account. Remember, this has to be a valid address. If an email sent to you bounces, we have no choice but to close the account.

Change your account password

This lets you review and change the password used for your IMC account. We strongly recommend passwords of at least eight characters, with a mixture of alpha and numerics.

Change your birthday

This is an optional field which lets you enter your birthday. In the future, when more community functions are implemented, you'll be able to use this feature to tell your IMC Friends (or everyone, if that's your choice) what your birthday is.

Change your homepage

Another optional field for IMC Friends, which lets you link people to your personal homepage, as opposed to homepages from any of your handles.

Edit your geographic location

You can indicate which country you are from by selecting a country from the drop-down list and clicking Change. If you don't want to specify a country, select None (which is set by default).

Change how your personal information is presented to others on IMC

This lets you change how any of your personal information is published to others. You may only want selected pieces of information available to your IMC friends, or to the public, or you may want to publish nothing at all. All of these options are set to the maximum privacy level by default.

For details about how personal information is used on IMC, please read our Privacy Policy.

Change your user tag settings (AIM/ICQ/etc)

This section allows you to add tags, or markup for your handles in a room, that contain contact information for you. This is so that people can get in touch with you without having to use your main email, or so that you can provide staff-level information for a room.

You can provide email addresses, Yahoo! Messenger handles, AIM handles, ICQ handes, IRC handles, or Jabber handles.

If you are setting a tag for a particular room, use the comment field to describe what the tag is for -- e.g., "Character applications".

See the host and room support gummis you currently have

This lets you see, at a glance, all of the gummis you hold in all rooms, public and private, throughout the site. If you have a gummi for a particular room, you can click on the link next to the drop-down to set a small verbal description that will tell people what your duties in that room are. This description is printed on the room's doorway page and will also appear in the "hover box" that appears when you hover your mouse over someone's gummi.

You can also set duty status for each gummi:

Active: Gummi is visible in room and on doorway; all admin functions available.

Off-duty: Gummi is not visible in room, but is active on doorway; all admin functions available.

LOA: Gummi is not visible in room and is marked on doorway as "LOA"; admin functions are off.

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