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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

FAQ | The /USERS Section [Click to expand]

How to use the many user-level utilities in IMC.
System Information: Who's On, etc.
Your Account Information: Key user data (email, password, etc.)
Handles: Change pictures, tags, markup, make handle lists, etc.
Room and Site Presentation: Send Panel options, presentation options
User Profile Page: See your own profile.
User Blocking: Ignore/unignore people and images.
Character utilities / Character sheets: As used by rooms that require character sheets.
Image utilities: Upload and manage user images.
Download RP Logs: Retrieve logs of prior RPs.
Manage Invite-Only PRs: Private rooms for you and friends only!
Vote XP: Reward good roleplay with experience, in supported rooms.
IMC Notepad: Write down that great idea before you forget!

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