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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Supporting IMC | IMC's Code

A few words about the code used to run IMC.

Can I get a copy of the code used for IMC and run it on my own server?
At this time, no. There are several reasons for this:

1) The code for IMC is very large and complicated, spanning several hundred files. These pages are updated constantly and often drastically, which makes keeping up with the most recent version very difficult.

2) The backend database used to support the site is also being constantly changed, which would make moving from version to version quite onerous.

3) The site's administrators have a lot on their hands, and can't afford to provide support for the code. (Many people who release the source code for their software have told us that despite stern disclaimers that they cannot and will not provide support, they still get bombarded with emails for "just one question.")

4) The site is a work in progress. A lot of it is far from finished, and it would be a disfavor to others to provide them with something which is still growing.

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