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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | Using the RP Logging / Recording Function

Save your RP for later.

The RP Logging and Recording function allows you to record actions in a room by handle and then download the resulting log later from your /USERS panel.

When you want to log an RP in a room:

1. Open the Who's On panel.
2. Click on Record.
3. Check off all the HANDLES you wish to log -- the log works by HANDLE, not USER.
4. Type a short descriptive name for the log in the "Log name" box.
5. Press Record.

Logging will commence.

To add a handle to a log in progress:

1. Check the name of the handle.
2. Check the box next to the name of the log that you want to add them to. Don't type anything in the "Log name" box.
3. Click Record.

To stop logging a handle in a given log:

1. Check the name of the handle in the little list of names next to the log name. (If you have a log in progress, you'll see this.)
2. Click STOP.

To stop logging a given log entirely:

1. Check the box next to the name of the log.
2. Click STOP.

To download a stopped log:

1. Go to Users | Room/RP Utilities | Download Logged RP.
2. Click the name of the log to download.

See the separate help document we have on this function.

You do not need to keep Who's On open to continue logging. The logging function will continue in the background even if you close the browser.

If you want to start recording from a previous point in the day, check the "Start log from..." box and select the time to start recording fowards from.

You can also use "Start log from..." to append already-made posts to a log. For instance, if you continue a paused scene but forget to hit Resume before you start the actual RP, you can simply finish the scene, select the log in question, select a time from the "Start log from..." dropdown, and hit Resume. Any posts you've made in that time frame using the handles in that log will be appended to the existing log.

Private messages to or from people are not recorded in logs. This is by design and is a security feature.

All RP logs are closed and deleted automatically one month after they are opened.

If you want to create a quick link to the Log panel in your Launchbar, you can do so by adding it manually.

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