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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | The Attributes Panel

The place where most of your user attributes are stored.

The Attributes Panel is one of the most important things you'll need to familiarize yourself with in IMC. This is the place where you make changes to almost all of your handle and MUN account information.

The Attributes Panel is accessed by clicking the "Attributes" button when you are in a room. If you have a pop-up blocker, you will need to tell it to allow popups from the site before the Panel becomes visible.

Note that none of the changes you make in the Attributes Panel take effect until you hit Submit. Also, the Attributes panel does not automatically update when you switch handles. You must switch to a different handle and then click Attributes again to edit Attributess for that handle.

The Email field lists the email address that is your contact for this MUN account. You MUST use a valid email address; if we find that your email address is not valid, your account will be locked until you can provide a valid one.

No Frills

The No Frills box, when checked, turns off all images in rooms except for gummis and sidebars. This is useful for people on slow connections or primitive browsers.

Handle Name/Image

The Handle Name and Image section list the name of the handle you posted with last, as well as the image associated with that handle. To display an image, enter a fully-qualified URL for the image, such as http://www.myserver.com/myimage.jpg This cannot be a file on your local computer. Also, many free web hosting companies no longer allow you to remotely link to images on their servers. If you want, you can upload an image locally using the Image Uploader. Images stored in your uploader can be accessed quickly from the drop-down below the "Image URL" textbox. (If you have images grouped with that particular handle, they will show up first in the drop-down for easy access.)

Pre-Handle Tag

The Pre-handle tag field lets you specify a text that goes before your handle. A space is automatically inserted between the pre-handle tag and the handle itself.

Post-Handle Tag

The Post-handle tag field lets you specify a text that goes after your handle. A space is automatically inserted between the post-handle tag and the handle itself.


The Tagline field lets you specify the parenthetical comment that goes after your post-tag. The parentheses are added automatically.

Handle Link

The Handle Link field lets you specify a URL to link to your handle, so that people can see, for instance, a character sheet when they click it. This must be a fully-qualified URL.

OOC By Default

The OOC By Default box, when checked, means that this handle will post as OOC by default.

Toggle Room List | All Handles

The Toggle Room List | All Handles links brings you to pages where you can choose which of your handles appear in the drop-down list in the posting panel. If you have a lot of handles that you don't normally use, you can shut them off temporarily this way without deleting them. Also, if you are on a slow connection, having less handles active will make your pages load faster.

Set This Handle As My Default

Clicking Set this handle as my default will make the current handle the default handle that comes up when you enter a room. You can always reassign this later.

Paste Tags From...

If you have tags in your Tag Library, you can paste them automatically by selecting a tag library entry from this drop-down and hitting Submit.

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