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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | Private Messages (PMs) and the PM Panel

Sending and receiving private messages.

If you want to send a private message to someone, click on the gummi next to their picture and you'll get a panel that you can use to send private messages. All private messages are coded with a strong yellow border to differentiate them from regular messages, along with labels that tell you who the message is from.

Private messages cannot be read by anyone else in the room, not even room admins.

Ignoring Chatters
If a chatter is bothering you or is simply posting irrelevant material, click on their gummi and hit the Ignore button. From then on, all their posts (in all rooms, not just this one) will be ignored. You'll see an indicator that the user in question has posted to the room, but you won't see their post.

If you want to un-ignore someone, click on the Unignore button in the Private Message panel for that user.

Blocking Images

If you don't like the images that someone is using on a specific handle, click the gummi on a post that uses that handle and click the "Block images" button in the PM panel. Likewise, to unblock the image, click "Unblock." Note that this works on a handle-by-handle basis, not image-by-image.

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