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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | Gummis

Those weird little things next to your name.

You're probably noticed the little icon by your handle. There's a method to the madness. The actual design of the icons may change in time to accommodate those with older monitors or who have trouble otherwise distinguishing colors.

(You can also hover the mouse over the icon to get a text label that indicates what the icon means.)

The red, shiny, CANDY-LIKE icon indicating that this person is a SysOp and has the highest level of clearance, site-wide. SysOps are still expected to conform to room standards of behavior and behave respectfully towards the room Host, Staff and chatters. This icon will always show as red no matter what room the SysOp is in as SysOps are always on duty.

The inverse red/black icon you see here is the mark of one of our Site Staff. The Site Staffers are the SysOp's right hands, and have a variety of duties ranging from mediation to providing content to this site. Site Staff are still expected to conform to room standards of behavior and behave respectfully towards the room Host, Staff and chatters. This icon will always show as red no matter what room the Site Staffer is in as they are also always on duty

The yellow-gold icon will appear next to the handle of the room's host. In other rooms where this person is not a host, the icon will change accordingly to indicate that the person may be a staff member or a chatter. This person has the second-highest site clearance. Think of room hosts as the mayors of their chatrooms. They should be treated with respect, and if a chatter has a problem with how the host behaves, a complaint should be filed by email to a member of the room's staff, or on the room's accompanying message board. Flaming the room host (or anyone else in a room) just might end up getting someone banned. Since hosts have the ban power, guess which party that will be?

This gummi shows that you have just found one of the room's co-hosts. In rooms with more than one host, you will find both co-hosts wearing this gummi. All other information as written for Hosts above applies.

This one, in green, will show that the chatter is room staff. Like the host icon, it will change according to the position the person holds in any given room. Staff are like hosts, in a way. They should be treated with respect. They may not be able to personally ban, but they are authorized to contact a SysOp if the host is not available. They have lower site clearance than SysOps and Hosts. If you have a problem with a member of room staff, politely email your complaint to the room host and the room host will deal with it.

This gummi denotes an assistant to the room staff, or a room staffer in training. Otherwise, all information is as shown above for room staff.

This gummi denotes someone who works in room support. It's a way to reward chatters who are not a part of the room staff, but do work to help the room become a better and more inviting place to roleplay. These gummis are awarded at the host and staff's discretion. Such people do not participate directly in the setting of room policy, and they don't have a say in things like determining who gets promoted or demoted or removed from the room entirely. But they do serve a useful function in terms of things like explaining rules to newbies, providing quick answers to simple questions, and making people feel welcome. So, in short, they're not staff -- they're more like honored chatters. Hence the inverse blue.

This icon is for just plain folks; garden-variety IMC chatters. Make no mistake, though -- without the people who are 'just chatters', we have nothing of value here. As with the other levels of clearance, these people should be treated with respect. Yes. You should be treated with respect. Everyone should be. If you have a complaint with another chatter, instead of flaming, politely email a member of room staff about the matter. If it turns out that the chatter is not a regular part of your community, email the SysOps about the problem. We WILL take care of it.

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