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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | The Formatting of a Post

The components of a post in a room.

The posts that you see in the room appear in the order they were posted in, with the newest being the last (or closer to the bottom of the screen.) An average post will probably look something like this:

Let's examine everything we see here.

The image you see is an image that the chatter has chosen to assign to this particular handle. Images can be assigned on a handle-by-handle basis, but must fall within the rules IMC has established for image sizes and content. The image also needs to be on an Internet server that can link images remotely.

The gummi or graphical icon right next to the chatter's name and "tags" (the text in black) shows what kind of user they are based on the color. If you hover the mouse over the gummi, you can see what level of chatter they are. You can also click the gummi to bring up a panel that lets you send that user a private message in a room (although that's not enabled here, of course).

The two tags in black surrounding the user's handle (in blue) can be configured to tell other people more about this handle, especially if it's a handle for a character you are playing. The handle itself can be hotlinked to a homepage or a character sheet.

The parenthetical comment can be used to specify a character's location or a quick personal note or two.

The ICQ and AIM sections are optional, but if you use either of these very popular instant-messaging programs, you can supply your ICQ and/or AIM information.

The date, time, and message number of the post come last. These are useful for logs of RP, and also for reporting incidents to room hosts or SysOps.

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