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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

IMC User's Manual | Streaming and Detached Streaming

The most advanced user mode.

Streaming is almost identical to Frames, but has one important difference. All posts sent to the room appear in real-time -- no refreshing needed. They are "streamed" to your browser as they are posted to the room.

If you want Streaming to scroll automatically, click the link marked "Scroll", in the gray margin between the user's area and the room area. "Fast" makes the scrolling move twice as fast, and "Stop" turns it off completely. We have found that in Netscape 6, the links do not show up for some reason, but they can be forced to appear by clicking in the gray area to the left side and dragging downwards. We are working on resolving this problem. Scrolling works in IE (all versions) and NS (all versions), but we have not tested it completely with other browsers.

Streaming will not work in more than one browser if you are using IE 5.0 on Windows 95, 98 or Me. It may also time out after a few minutes of inactivity, but we have found that this is a fixable problem (see the entry "Streaming stops after a few minutes"). Windows 2000 and Macintosh users do not appear to be affected.

Streaming and Frames both require cookies and JavaScript to operate.

We have also found that some web browsers do not work well with Streaming no matter what. Konqueror, the web browser for KDE in Linux, for instance, does not appear to handle Streaming properly.

There is another variant of Streaming called Detached Streaming. This mode "detaches" the Send panel and allows you to position it freely around the screen, and also features a bigger box for typing. Some people enjoy this more than the conventional Streaming.

If you're using Streaming and are not sure if the stream is still active at a given time, we recommend you turn on the Heartbeat function and set the keep-alive timeout to ten seconds. This prints a stream of dots in between each post to show that you're still connected; if the dots stop printing, you need to refresh.

If Streaming gives you problems, you may want to consider using New Streaming.

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