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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

New Communities / Chat Rooms | Requirements for all supported rooms on IMC

All supported rooms begin at the SPR level, unless otherwise requested and agreed to by the room department. If the room department feels you have enough chatters and have a firm working structure within you room, we may suggest skipping the SPR level when you apply.

Before submitting an application for a SPR, the room to be applied for should be an existing community either here or on another site. What this means is that it should either have been on IMC for at least 30 days as a PR, or have been a active community from another chat site wishing to relocate.

An applicant must demonstrate the need for the room to be on IMC. This would include providing a new type of room, a setting not currently used anywhere in IMC, a different way of running a certain style of gaming, or things of that nature. If you are unsure if your room meets this requirement, please feel free to email us.

A room needs to have some sort of chain of responsibility. While we will approve a room that only has a host at the level of SPR, we require the room to have at least one other staff member within 30 days of approval as an SPR. If there is not, the room may be removed as a SPR and placed back at the PR level. In addition, FPR's and Public rooms require a minimum of 3 people, though I recommend more.

An applicant must have a home page online for the room, and comply with the following requirements:

  1. An Applicant for Hostdom must be a chatter in good standing. (When in doubt email the Room Department).
  2. Rules Page - Detailing Room Rules and containing links to the IMC Site Rules and Terms of Service. Picture limits, both content and size, should also be explained here. This would also be the place to explain your room rating and what is or isn't acceptable. Might also be a good idea to explain your room's disciplinary actions (I.E.: first offense is a letter of warning, second is a suspension, third is a ban, etc.)
  3. Settings Page - Detailing the setting of the room, and providing information that a chatter will need to play in the room. This can include a locations page as well, if the room spreads across multiple locations.
  4. Contact Page - A page with a listing of the host/s and staff along with their duties, and at least the host/s and staffs emails. If your staff is comfortable with providing their AIM, ICQ, MSN, etc. that's a great addition. This page is so your chatters know who to contact about what.
  5. Message Board and/or Mailing List - So that chatters and room events can be kept archived. And so that in the event that the site should go down, hosts can post that info for their chatters.
  6. System Info - You should provide chatters with info about what system is used to play in the room, which might include such things as: character restrictions, technology restrictions, character sheets, links to an official site on the system, fan/players useful sites, links to sites for pictures, whatever works for you.
  7. Jump Page or Link - A page or link providing chatters with the info on how to find your room. You can do something as simple as this: "PR Name: My_Room". An example of how to do this can be found here.
  8. Each room is required to have a rule regarding the web page design. This rule must ensure that the rooms home page will NOT be tampered with maliciously, removed without a new site being up and running before hand, or other wise leaving the room without a home page. Please inform your Web Master that when they design a sites for a room they should be aware that their work is FOR the room, and that it is considered contracted work. It may be continued to be used by the room if they leave their position, as per your individual room guidelines. This does not infringe on domain ownership, or the intellectual property of the original creator. A note regarding the web page's ownership should be posted conspicuously on the first page of the site.

Additional FPR requirements:

  1. Must exist as an SPR on IMC for 3+ months, unless you are either approached by someone in the Room Department sooner or feel your room is ready. If we have not contacted you and you feel you are ready to make that step, please feel free to email us.
  2. Must have an active chatter base. Typically around the same as a public room, but be smaller.
Additional Public Room requirements:
  1. Must be on IMC as a SPR at least 6 months or more, unless you are approached by someone in the Room Department sooner. If you feel your room is ready before hand, please fell free to email us.
  2. Must have an active chatter base (we're talking a "crowd"). If you have questions about this feel free to ask.
  3. Must have at least three active staffers -- a full host, a co-host and a room support or room staff person. This increases the odds of a staffer being present during a given time during peak hours.

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